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April 05, 2005

Ultimate Frisbee

To all those who already know the joys of Ultimate Frisbee, there is no need to read further. For all those who do not know of the satisfaction of a pull landing in the corner of an endzone, or sliding a sidearm down the line for an assist, please read on.

Up to now you have probably only known such inferior sports as football, rugby, basketball, netball, american football, lacrosse, polo, water polo, ozzie rules, darts, snooker, pool, swimming, or any of a large range. Well, Ultimate Frisbee (as is suggested by its name) is the ultimate sport. It consists of two teams on a rectangular pitch, each trying to pass the frisbee (or disc) between themselves and catch it in the oppostion's endzone. Rules include no moving whilst holding the disc (pivoting allowed) and if the disc touches the ground it's a turn-over.

There are no referees present – the game is all about spirit, and all disputes are sorted out on the word of the parties involved, which means that the whole Ultimate community gets on very well.

For a better description of the game you can visit the UK Ulitmate Association website at "":

There is also a huge student Ultimate community – the current Warwick University Ultimate team's website (the Warwick Bears) can be found at "":

Hello peeps

Dear All,

This is my blog, I don't know what I will put on it or even if I will ever visit it again myself – only time will tell.

Enough about my site – it's now time to talk about my favourite subject – me! If I had to liken myself to anyone it would have to be God. This is for 2 main reasons – the first is that I am awesome, and the second is that the first reason is true. I am "into" stuff in general – no particular preferences in music – if I like it then I'll listen to it, if it's crap I won't (e.g. all dance/trance music), I hate Scott Mills, I like chips, I hate raw cheese, I play Ultimate Frisbee, I drive a Peugeot 106 (quite old, falling apart, need a new car). Series on TV/DVD I particularly like are 24, Family Guy, Black Books, Red Dwarf, generally Star Trek or other Sci-Fi rubbish. Stuff on TV I hate includes, but is not limited to, holiday programs, everything on channel 5, etc, etc…..

For more information on any or all of these issues, plus others not mentioned here, please see other entries in my blog. Alternatively piss off.

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