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February 27, 2006

Major Project – Subject

Here it is, hot of the press, ready to go, avialable for your consumption:

[disclaimer: Ok, before you read what I've write below please set your eyes to stun (because the subject is really awful)]

Basically, I'm going to write about what happens to British culture and arts organisations if arts ogranisations choose to fully embrace the technologies of branding that more commonly employed by big business.

And yes, before you start typing up responses to correct what I've said, I am aware that this process is already well underway, especially in very commercial art-forms like film, music and some art galleries. However, I'm not sure if the process is fully complete yet, or if it can every true be. I don't think many arts organisations would be comfortable just making profit and not producing exciting new programming.

I think this topic is really interesting though, because, even if arts organisation reject most corporate values, very few would object to the idea of branding. In fact many organisation's brands depend upon them appearing to reject corporate values ie. indie film companies or record label. I think the irony, or perhaps hypocracy, in this practice is fascinating.

Anyway, any thoughts on the subject would be much appreciate.

Until the next time

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