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January 09, 2005

Back a week – update to date

Almost been back at Uni a week, and what a week its been.
Monday was strangely quiet especially as I was first back, by the time I had returned from Tescos (Tim's parents gave me a lift v.v.kindly), Mike and Tom had returned. Bit later Nicky arrived and later still Em & Lucy.
So by evening there was 6 of us, a nice number really, due to the Union being closed we just sat round and had a glass of wine (or in my case Shloer (sp?)).
Tuesday passed by with more returning, such that by the end of Tuesday we were just Jom, Sun-Ho and Mustafa down. Revision was also done on Mon & Tues in prep for the exam on Wed morning.
Wed, exam, well it happened, I'll let you know how I did when I know, passed I think (hope), just have to see. Also completed other random work.
Wed evening I met up with Jamie, found that we didnt really "click"... so aren't together, sorry Richard! Wed evening was also taken up with decisions about who we are going to live with next year, why so early I'll never know! After numerous discussions we managed to split the 10 of us into 2 houses of five people in each. (I'll be with Nicky, Tom, Beth & Sun-Ho, whilst Gemma, Lucy, Emily, Jom and Mike will be together). However have decided to get 2 houses next door to each other (if at all possible).
Thursday, lectures during the day (Waves & Particle Physics) as well as lab, what a day! Start at 10am, finish at 6pm, with an hour break during lab for lunch. Thursday evening I went to the local "pub", Varsity, on the way onto campus, and met up with many physics friends (as well as Nick from primary school).
Friday, more lectures (Waves & Particle Physics) as well as going through part of the exam paper which we took on Wednesday (so… depressing!!! :-( ) We (11 of us, the ten above & Anna) went into Leamington, to have an Indian Meal in celebration of Emily & Lucy's birthdays (both over the hols). Was brilliant other than the 11.10pm bus never arrived and the next bus was at 12.10pm… (or should that be 12.10am). All slept well, woke late on Saturday, but went into Leamington (again) house hunting… never thought student houses could be so nice!
Saturday evening – School Days… songs everyone knows (including the theme tune from Thomas the Tank Engine actually…), met Andrew (cousin), as well as his girlfriend & one of his flatmates… first time since we had been at Uni, which was nice!
Sunday – today, after working went to Tescos for supplies, then had Codpiece – which we were improvising for One World Week. Finally returned after about 4hours (another long session next week apparently), to gain help on work. Finally met up with a friend who's had a bit of a rough time, gave some TLC and returned, to write this.

Til next time.

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