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February 16, 2005

Bericote, Westwood

Following on from the last,
Well Bericote ain't so bad really.
The walk in the morning wakes you up & all of the people in the hall are brilliant, no joke whatsoever. It probably helped me settle in that I had met several of them before, as one of my good friends off my course lives here too.
Through her I've got to know many a people, felt like freshers week all over again really. The only downside is that I don't see all my friends from Whitefields as often, both my flatmates and those in the flats nearby.

Anyway, this computer owner, wants it back, so until next time.

Hmm, what a week, what a fire, what a move.

Haven't written anything in here for a while, admittedly as I haven't actually had access for several days, well since Thurs. Only as, as of Thurs at around 2am we were temporarily made homeless, temporarily lasting around 10days, and homeless meaning moving to Westwood.
Reason being? Well,
One of our flatmates after being at the Union, came back and somehow (through sleepiness, I believe) managed to leave the hob on, with…. a pan of oil on!!! Hence at 2am, the fire alarm woke me up, thinking "what the hell is going on" I promptly got out of bed and opened my door to be greeted with… well let's just say I thought that the University Tech Crew had taken over the kitchen/lounge area with many a smoke machine & pretty yellow/orange/red lights. Needless to say I realised TSG weren't actually there and helped to get all up, partly by screaming my head off, well it worked, although I did actually get some complaints later!!
Once all were out (all 11 of us, Anna had gone back to Italy 2 hours earlier to have a joyous exam) we fetched our lovely resident tutor, who wasnt exactly best pleased by our dilemma (we had awoken him). Credit must go to Sun-Ho and one of the flat next door (Martin?) who went back in and did the sensible thing, i.e. putting the fire blanket over the pan.
Meanwhile, thanks to Bryony and the rest of her flat who took us in, they live next door also, and gave hotchocs/water etc. When we went back in later we were to be greeted with the lovely smell of melted plastic (chopping board & knobs on the oven) and smoke.
Unfortunately for Beth & I, smoke rises, and since our rooms overlook the communal area our rooms were worst hit, smelling so much that we couldn't sleep in them, Beth went to Nicki, Me to Lucy's.
Several hours later (after attempts at sleep) we woke, and over the course of the next few hours learnt that we were being moved to WESTWOOD while they sort out the 2 bedrooms & the kitchen/communal area. Later, thanks to Warwick Accommadation's transport we all arrived in 3 halls in Westwood, Bericote, Dunsmere & Hampton, to spend a week & half.
Eventful kinda few days

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