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April 05, 2006

Just a very quickie…

Just decided to redecorate, the bright colours where scaring a normally dark (at least in clothing matters) person….

Yes, it's been a while

Well I can just say that last year I was a lot more vigilant about writing in here, it's almost gulp the start of the third term, and yes we all know what that means…. yep, it's the dreaded e and r words…..

I spose I can't complain too much really, I have still got my health and friends, although not actually with me at the moment, since I have temporarily (only til Friday) relocated back home in lovely Derby… my parents (and probably brothers, not that they say it) were feeling a little left out, since I only managed to stay for a couple of days at Christmas (and for 1 of those I was sleeping on the floor having been evicted from my room to make way for my cousins)...

All in all it's been quite nice to see them, even if my Dad and brother's are at school (I've been trying not to rub in the long holiday, but since my brother's are in GCSE year they get a reasonable length one in the summer, so I can't brag about that this year – it's normally just under 5 weeks.

Anyway life seems to have ticked by with a disturbing regularity, lectures come and go, labs are (at least for this year) almost (yes don't forget about the wonderful formal guys!! {& girls :P }).

Anyhow… since I shall probably be awoken early (student early, not early early)... I had better say…

Til next time (which will be sooner than this time)

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