November 14, 2004

School Days

Muchness fun was had at school days, photos of me (& the ppl i went with) are on a different blog, won't say which (they are embarassing!)... still was much fun & saw many a people from lectures & others I randomly knew too.
Was wierd cos my Mum came up & carted some stuff off which I dont need… wierd cos it shows just how close the end of term is… Which will be good only cos I'll get to see all my mates who are at other Unis.

Tis all for now

November 13, 2004

John Peel's Tribute

Went along to the Offbeat John Tribute evening last night, was good fun, a kind of commeration to his life and loads of good songs, everything from the Beatles to White Stripes… which is all good. Went by myself since most my flat went to a houseparty next door, my mate from college turned up at bout 11pm (with another girl from her hall), and then some other guys (people I met at Crash last week) turned up at 12.30ish… Stayed until the end and then returned home to be greeted with various random people (ok so they live in the flat next door) which was good fun. Eventually went to bed at bout 3.30am… all fun!

November 06, 2004

Such fun last night

Went to Crash last night in the Union, was soo much fun despite not knowing anyone I was with, meeting random people is just such a laugh. Went with my mate from College unfortunately she had to go early as she has gone off to see her boyfriend today. But I met random people from Rootes, they were all fun and with any luck I might get to see some of them at the next Crash (or with any luck before then)... that would be fun and definately something to look forward to.

Gotta do some work now, so I can go to a meeting later today (a supposedly fun one). Hope all are well.

October 30, 2004

Half way through the first term already

Can't really believe just how quickly these first 5 weeks have gone, only 5 more then Im off back home for Christmas, it'll be good to go home and reclaim my room, and of course to meet up with college friends. It's almost impossible to get people down here, everyone is scattered all over the country, must try harder on that next term.

Although I've missed all my college mates, its been great making loads of new friends, don't think I've made any enemies yet, which is already a good start. Flatmates are an awesome bunch, so glad I got put with them, its like a mini family really.

Hallowe'en Ball tonight, should be good fun, going with various friends, most of us are dressing up… should be interesting!!!

October 19, 2004

Old Friends… more of them!

Went to a social the other evening a socalled "Radiohead Night"... which was definately worth the money, and shockingly (considering the amount of people on campus), the guy standing behind me in the queue not only recognised me, but recognised me from primary school…

How wierd is that!

Shall definately keep a look out for him in lectures (he shares 6 of my 9 lectures).

Union Democracy

Went to the Union General Meeting, I guess I sort of went on behalf of my flat and a friends flat… well I was the only one of them who went. Not that you can go to meetings on behalf of others anyway.

It seemed a really special meeting for some reason, possibly as it was the first time since 2000 when there were more than 300 voting members present. This meant that the decisions which it passed became Union policy, a great sense of excitement existed once we had passed the 300 mark!

Two policies were under consideration, the University's policy on Cannabis and the Union's independance from the University. I voted in both, secret vote in the first and then, for independance in the second (motion carried).

October 16, 2004

Troy and Soup

OK, this is to satisfy all those who have complained that I haven't been updating my blog recently (yes I know who you are)!
Life ticks on with its regular regieme (sp?), lectures during the week, sleep in on Saturday, Drama on Sunday and socialising between times.

Thanks for the 2 square meals (ie soup), I've had one (lentil and butternut squash I'm guessing). The other shall be eaten at some course, possibly tomorrow as am going to be making a curry with a friend tonight.

Went to the cinema last night to see Troy… was a good film esp. as it only cost me 1.80! (Film society rules!!), went to the late showing, meant to start at 10.30… it didn't, but we were eventually released at 1.45am!! NO JOKE!!

Went out one other time in the last week, on err some day, (i forget) to a goth night, went with my college friend (the one from Chad/Alvaston direction).

Oh, I did watch the footy, Im sure you'll be glad to know that!! Watched all of the England vs Wales match, but only the first half of the England vs Azerbijan (sp?)... I had a good reason, a friend from college (Chris… from Belper and who caught the bus bros) came down to see various friends, inc me i guess (well i turned up & hung around him for a while (with the aforementioned (sp?) college friend).

Guess thats all I can think of for now

Oh, yeh, I went swimming today (im not a total lazy person… honest!)

October 04, 2004


Old friends, the oldest in the world comes to Warwick Uni, climbing wall only unfortunately, but still!!!
Known each other for ages, but havent lived near each other for around 14years… if not more… so shall probably meet up at some point.

Going to off banana tonight. Should be good, well, not as Cheesy as Top Banana anyhow. Had to hand in my first assessed pieces in, I guess the reality will hit soon…

For now.

October 03, 2004

The Weekend

Wow… the family has been contacting me, I guess they must miss me more than I realised, so much so, my bro has decided to start a blog, so I can keep up with them all. Life seems to be plodding on (but getting faster)...
Weekend, well its Sunday today, normally means students do all there work today, after rising late. Well one of those I did, I had already done my assignments, (had nothing much to do the other day). Couldnt do KJJ yesterday unfortunately :-( as I had a stiff neck, possibly from the previous time of doing.
"School disco" was last night, hmm the fun… well maybe, involved dressing up as school/college ppl…. (ironic really as I always remembered school discos as the times when you DID NOT have to wear school uniform…)

Oh, yesterday I went into Coventry and had a look around (books I've discovered are my weakness, I bought "Emperor, The Death of Kings" – sequel to the one I had when we went to Osnabruck). It was nice to escape from the bubble of campus life and see "real people", went with various people, the group "leader" actually comes from Cov, so he showed us around, which was good, otherwise we would probably have come back even later than we did. Didnt get a chance to look at the Cathedrals, as it was nearing 5.30, and buses are less regular after 5pm… Costs 90p to get to Cov (about 30mins away), and thats adult fare, so its really good…. leastways I thought so, (considering it costs 1.20 to go 15mins down the road at home…). Only problem is that they don't give change, so we clubbed together (otherwise people would have "lost" 10p or more. We had lunch while in Cov, which was nice (I had lasagne & salad & coleslaw {all for 3.25… not bad really!}).

Back to the family:
Well done both of you athletes, keep up the music practice, and I think that'll be hash tonight! (assuming I can find Spam in Tescos), thanks for reminding me of that one!

Love to you all

October 01, 2004

Hmm, so busy, so much done, so little time…

Havent wrote in this thing for a while, figured I might to let all the folks at home what Ive been up to in the last few days…
Monday: Top Banana… went with a couple of friends from another flat, hung around with one of them for many a long hour, including a long game of pool (have never played before). Was a fun time, went back to there flat and watched…. err something (end of a DVD methinks). Lecturewise I had just an introduction.
Tuesday: 2 Live Acts!! Went to see Pink Grease and Chikini at the Union… Also went to the sports fair and signed up for Kempo Ju-Jitsu… had a lesson on Tuesday too, is fun, active and tiring (went to that with a couple of ppl from my flat). Went to see the bands with among others a mate from college… we tried (nah, attempted) to use the dance mat, but didnt last on long… it was a good laugh. Lecturewise I had a Foundations lecture, and then later a Relativity one… both were fun.
Wednesday: Had a lecture, basically went over A Level Maths (as did the one on Thurs). Went to the Student run Cinema and saw the Butterfly Effect… very good film, although it made me jump several times (if you've seen it you'll know what I mean, and if you haven't you should). Went back to a friends house and saw "Monty Python's Now For Something Completly Different".... how studentish and cool…
Also did the random work we had been set in our lectures on Tuesday… compared answers after I had finished with a fellow physicist… both of us got the same answers… (have to be the right ones surely??)
Thursday: Stayed in, after making a trip to tesco for food, only went for pasta sauce & to see where it was, came back with many an item (went shopping for some flatmates too).
Friday: Well heres today, so this'll be where this blog ends for now…

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