February 21, 2005

Back from Bericote

Home at last!!! Well, Whitefields anyway, its nice to just be at home & not have to trek around to see friends. Is also useful to have my own computer back, though people in Beri were happy to let me use their's temporarily. Anyway after lecture today, I went over to Rootes Social. to find out when we were going to be allowwed back in, and hence at 10.20 I was on main campus, discovering we would be collected at 11.00, from outside Bericote, and I hadn't really packed. A dash back to Westwood and a hilariously quick pack, and Beth & I were on our way back home!
There was only the 2 of us, as it took time to let everyone know about getting lifts back. As much as I enjoyed meeting lots of new people at Bericote, it was nice to be home. The remainder of the afternoon has been taken up with unpacking and washing (menial, but a necessity). Tonight all are looking forward to the delights of Italian Cooking – Anna (who moved back a while ago) has offered to cook for all of us, which should be delicious!
Top Banana tonight, may well meet up with the "Bericote Massive!", since I have made friends with many of them.

February 17, 2005

Nightwish, Carling Academy, 15/02/05

What a brilliant gig!
Would have written about this yesterday, but as I wasn't on my computer (see yesterday's entry), I didn't really have time.
Went with RockSoc and SPunk and (possibly) Goffbeat people, a guy from Beri (my current hall) also went, and I saw him there. We travelled to Birmingham (up?, across definately) as a group on the train (from Cov to New Street). Then headed for the queue, yeh at bout 5pm, when the doors don't open until 7pm at least. Luckily for us, other RockSoc people had gone even earlier (I did hear 1pm) and saved us a space near the front, useful as those near the back normally can't get to see at all.
Tristania (sp?), the support, were good, but absolutely nothing compared to Nightwish, naturally. Only problem (throughout) was that there were even taller people ahead of me, meaning that it was hard to see. One of the other RockSoc girls, is small and hence could only actually see, when she was lifted up.
Nightwish were absolutely brilliant, the great thing about them is the amount of people who like them (as it was an all age gig there was a rage from about 7 to 60yr olds), which always makes life interesting.
On the way back from the gig we all stopped in McDonalds (food and drink), and one of the guys (a mate of mine from Phys) got started on by this guy, I actually found out that he now has a broken nose! Which lead to an interesting end of evening.
To get back we got on a train, it really was filled with Rockers (mostly Warwick Uni, but some Cov too I think). At the station, those of us going back to campus organised ourselves geographically – I was just going to go with Dan (broken nose guy) and Ian (also on my course, Math/Phys tho) and some others, but then we decided it would be better if I went with other Westwoodians. In the end there was 5 of us, hence the taxi only cost £1.50 – we got it to Westwood. Somehow, we managed to get back for about 00:10, which I thought was quite impressive.

February 16, 2005

Bericote, Westwood

Following on from the last,
Well Bericote ain't so bad really.
The walk in the morning wakes you up & all of the people in the hall are brilliant, no joke whatsoever. It probably helped me settle in that I had met several of them before, as one of my good friends off my course lives here too.
Through her I've got to know many a people, felt like freshers week all over again really. The only downside is that I don't see all my friends from Whitefields as often, both my flatmates and those in the flats nearby.

Anyway, this computer owner, wants it back, so until next time.

Hmm, what a week, what a fire, what a move.

Haven't written anything in here for a while, admittedly as I haven't actually had access for several days, well since Thurs. Only as, as of Thurs at around 2am we were temporarily made homeless, temporarily lasting around 10days, and homeless meaning moving to Westwood.
Reason being? Well,
One of our flatmates after being at the Union, came back and somehow (through sleepiness, I believe) managed to leave the hob on, with…. a pan of oil on!!! Hence at 2am, the fire alarm woke me up, thinking "what the hell is going on" I promptly got out of bed and opened my door to be greeted with… well let's just say I thought that the University Tech Crew had taken over the kitchen/lounge area with many a smoke machine & pretty yellow/orange/red lights. Needless to say I realised TSG weren't actually there and helped to get all up, partly by screaming my head off, well it worked, although I did actually get some complaints later!!
Once all were out (all 11 of us, Anna had gone back to Italy 2 hours earlier to have a joyous exam) we fetched our lovely resident tutor, who wasnt exactly best pleased by our dilemma (we had awoken him). Credit must go to Sun-Ho and one of the flat next door (Martin?) who went back in and did the sensible thing, i.e. putting the fire blanket over the pan.
Meanwhile, thanks to Bryony and the rest of her flat who took us in, they live next door also, and gave hotchocs/water etc. When we went back in later we were to be greeted with the lovely smell of melted plastic (chopping board & knobs on the oven) and smoke.
Unfortunately for Beth & I, smoke rises, and since our rooms overlook the communal area our rooms were worst hit, smelling so much that we couldn't sleep in them, Beth went to Nicki, Me to Lucy's.
Several hours later (after attempts at sleep) we woke, and over the course of the next few hours learnt that we were being moved to WESTWOOD while they sort out the 2 bedrooms & the kitchen/communal area. Later, thanks to Warwick Accommadation's transport we all arrived in 3 halls in Westwood, Bericote, Dunsmere & Hampton, to spend a week & half.
Eventful kinda few days

February 05, 2005

High Fidelity

5 out of 5 stars
Watched this for the first time last night, before I went out.
Great film, loved the "monologue" style, John Cusack was great as the guy going through his top 5 break-ups. Loved Jack Black & Todd Louiso as his sidekicks in his wonderful LP store, thought they worked well together.
Great film, slow paced at times, but still damn good.

Long time, no blog

Hmm, well so much has been happening recently that I haven't got round to blogging, sorry!
Well exam results came back, got a 2–1, which was well good, considering I wasn't sure I'd done well.
Pretty much a typical week, just to indicate student socialising:
Well, Cate (13) has left Uni, she's coming back next year to do Biochemistry (I believe), so on Saturday night there was a 13 going out thingy (which I went along to a bit). Sunday, mostly spent sleeping, due to late night previously. Monday the institution that is Top B… Nic, Gem & Me went on down and had muchas dancing and fun. Tues, stayed in Labbing (Lab report writing). Wed, Labbing again (and Desperate Housewives {its become an institution in the flat}). Thurs, we ventured off Campus in the Evening shock and went to Mirage (just like Top B, dancing along to random songs) and had a shout out by the DJ to the "Flat 8 Massive" – 7 of us went, and somehow we got 1 taxi back, costing only £3.50 each (bargain!). Friday – CRASH!!!! Went along by myself and met people I randomly knew, which was fun, including 1 very hyperactive mosher type (hes on my course), and frankly I'm shocked I didn't get bruised.
That about sums up this week, each and everyweek is pretty much the same to be honest. Sometimes the routine is changed (i.e. no labbing, or a trip to the Arts Centre {we saw Greek}).
Anyway til next time (I'll try to be more frequent).

January 09, 2005

Back a week – update to date

Almost been back at Uni a week, and what a week its been.
Monday was strangely quiet especially as I was first back, by the time I had returned from Tescos (Tim's parents gave me a lift v.v.kindly), Mike and Tom had returned. Bit later Nicky arrived and later still Em & Lucy.
So by evening there was 6 of us, a nice number really, due to the Union being closed we just sat round and had a glass of wine (or in my case Shloer (sp?)).
Tuesday passed by with more returning, such that by the end of Tuesday we were just Jom, Sun-Ho and Mustafa down. Revision was also done on Mon & Tues in prep for the exam on Wed morning.
Wed, exam, well it happened, I'll let you know how I did when I know, passed I think (hope), just have to see. Also completed other random work.
Wed evening I met up with Jamie, found that we didnt really "click"... so aren't together, sorry Richard! Wed evening was also taken up with decisions about who we are going to live with next year, why so early I'll never know! After numerous discussions we managed to split the 10 of us into 2 houses of five people in each. (I'll be with Nicky, Tom, Beth & Sun-Ho, whilst Gemma, Lucy, Emily, Jom and Mike will be together). However have decided to get 2 houses next door to each other (if at all possible).
Thursday, lectures during the day (Waves & Particle Physics) as well as lab, what a day! Start at 10am, finish at 6pm, with an hour break during lab for lunch. Thursday evening I went to the local "pub", Varsity, on the way onto campus, and met up with many physics friends (as well as Nick from primary school).
Friday, more lectures (Waves & Particle Physics) as well as going through part of the exam paper which we took on Wednesday (so… depressing!!! :-( ) We (11 of us, the ten above & Anna) went into Leamington, to have an Indian Meal in celebration of Emily & Lucy's birthdays (both over the hols). Was brilliant other than the 11.10pm bus never arrived and the next bus was at 12.10pm… (or should that be 12.10am). All slept well, woke late on Saturday, but went into Leamington (again) house hunting… never thought student houses could be so nice!
Saturday evening – School Days… songs everyone knows (including the theme tune from Thomas the Tank Engine actually…), met Andrew (cousin), as well as his girlfriend & one of his flatmates… first time since we had been at Uni, which was nice!
Sunday – today, after working went to Tescos for supplies, then had Codpiece – which we were improvising for One World Week. Finally returned after about 4hours (another long session next week apparently), to gain help on work. Finally met up with a friend who's had a bit of a rough time, gave some TLC and returned, to write this.

Til next time.

November 27, 2004

One Week to Go

Unbelievably there is only one more week left of this my 1st term at uni, quite a scary thought really, a third way through the yr & a ninth (or twelfth, if they are nice to me) way through my degree… argh!! Scary or what!
Am attempting to write my formal report, why they have to make it so we get scared about it for the last few weeks of term (thought Uni was for fun too) I've no idea, but in my typical way I've left it late, OK so I only found out about it a week and a bit ago, and it doesn't have to be in until Wed, but I wanted to be organised – for a change! Seriously I am roughly a third of the way through, just finding it hard to write a method in a) the third person and b) not "recipe style".
Unfortunately this particular experiment didn't go brilliantly (well it was the first one I did here at Uni). So im thinking the report won't go exceptionally well either, I can but try though.

November 20, 2004

Hmm, another day another entry

Luckily I feel better now, sleep is a great healer, I reckon I was just tired out.
Went to a party on Thursday, in the flat nearby, it was one of there's birthdays. It was a very enjoyable occasion, with lots of people I hadn't met before around, which is always good, other flats nearby were there, and also people from elsewhere on campus.
Happened to meet a third year who was in my tutor group at college, what are the chances, I mean I didn't even know he was here. Last night was the RAG Disco, which means choose a colour (red, yellow or green) and go and meet people in the Union, basically a colour coded Union event, it was fun, started off really quiet but got better as the night went on, met some of the people I had been talking to at the flat party whch was fun.

November 16, 2004

Ill… well under the weather

Not feeling too great today, seem to be surviving in thanks to friends who encourage me along and sheer will power to attend the lectures, wouldn't have got to this morning's tutorial if someone hadn't checked I was going via a text message…
Felt so ill at the end of the lecture at 1–2 that I came home and went to bed, had around 6/7hours sleep before food called, am off to bed again in a moment, hoping that sleep will heal, I seem really really tired for no apparent reason.
Must remember to get an orange top for this disco on Friday (tesco I think). Also must remember more orange juice, so good for colds.

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