October 05, 2006

Fresher's Flu!!!

Yep, I may now be entering my third and final year but this curse does not escape. Seem to have caught it, which isn’t so good as this week (and for the next soo…. many) involve several 9am lectures, don’t believe it if your department says that they don’t give you 9am lectures when you are not on campus… it’s just not true.

So here I am on campus being frustrated by endless gaps between lectures (yes i know i’m meant to be working but when you’re feeling ill it doesn’t seem very appealing!), coughing and sneezing all day. Ho hmm.

August 17, 2006

In Leamington

Well I'm back in Leamington already, temporarily without the internet, this is coming from the Leamington Library, the wonders of the modern libraries, its wonderful!
Reason for moving back so soon:

  • working (as in paid)
  • house to move into
    The peace and quiet can get a bit waring after a while, but hey ho such is life!

May 25, 2006

The Sun has got his hat on….

Yey! Sun!!!
Only down side is that however much I feel like going to revise outside my logical side tells me that this would be a really stupid idea and much more revision will get done sitting on the Concourse and not in the piazza. If only I wasn't quite so easily able to be distracted then it would all be hunky–dory (aka fine/good).

Anyway Electromagneticness off ness beckons…

Oh here's hoping my 2nd and 3rd interview go well today, yesterday's (marginally preferred) topic was a bit awkward… Oh and here's hoping squirrel mail (or snail mail, whichever the S stands for) is going to work…

May 23, 2006

Exams looming

Yep, still alive and actually revising, old dog new tricks springs to mind… uni ticks on, faster than it should atm but such is life. Anyway just a quick entry 2 note that i am still here, haven't had much access to net this year, so have been haphazard with this, shall improve next year…
Currently contemplating next year's FINAL project… just what shall I do? Hmmm… oh well I have a feeling it's gonna be theoretical me and electronics aren't really friends, that and half of them I can't do due to not having done the programming module this year, it just didn't make any sort of sense, the lectures didn't help at all…

Anyway back to revision and the dreaded Electromagnetic Theory and Optics!!!! Arrghhhh….

April 05, 2006

Just a very quickie…

Just decided to redecorate, the bright colours where scaring a normally dark (at least in clothing matters) person….

Yes, it's been a while

Well I can just say that last year I was a lot more vigilant about writing in here, it's almost gulp the start of the third term, and yes we all know what that means…. yep, it's the dreaded e and r words…..

I spose I can't complain too much really, I have still got my health and friends, although not actually with me at the moment, since I have temporarily (only til Friday) relocated back home in lovely Derby… my parents (and probably brothers, not that they say it) were feeling a little left out, since I only managed to stay for a couple of days at Christmas (and for 1 of those I was sleeping on the floor having been evicted from my room to make way for my cousins)...

All in all it's been quite nice to see them, even if my Dad and brother's are at school (I've been trying not to rub in the long holiday, but since my brother's are in GCSE year they get a reasonable length one in the summer, so I can't brag about that this year – it's normally just under 5 weeks.

Anyway life seems to have ticked by with a disturbing regularity, lectures come and go, labs are (at least for this year) almost (yes don't forget about the wonderful formal guys!! {& girls :P }).

Anyhow… since I shall probably be awoken early (student early, not early early)... I had better say…

Til next time (which will be sooner than this time)

September 27, 2005

Nightiwish Gig

What better way to start a new year at uni than by going to see my favourite band play a 1 off show in London, ok so the trek back from the gig probably wasn't the best thing to do on Sunday, but you can't have everything.
Gig was amazing, thoroughly enjoyed it went with 3 other Warwick students as well as someone's friends from home. Anyway twas amazing.

Plus we got to see Rolf Harris in Trafalgar Square, always worth a laugh….

Year 2 Is Here

Just started year two yesterday, at last – since I've been here from 1st Sept it seems a while coming. Just got internet installed today, which now means I have no excuse not to blog. Got our lab timetable today, let's just say that this term looks rather hectic…

Looking forward to all thats to come

September 21, 2005

Almost the start of another year

Well I'm now pretty much completely settled in my house for this year, all housemates have arrived as of yesterday, electrician came this morning to clear his mess away (at last) which was nice.
We have no internet yet! I've found a convenient little internet cafe just down the road so that's where I am now, sorting out bits & pieces, including travel to (and more importantly back from) a gig at the weekend.

The joys (there are many) of being a physics student were temporarily overruled when I saw my timetable today, 3 9ams on mon, tue & wed!!! the fun!!

To be fair I don't mind especially, it just means no major partying (as if I have the money) on sun, mon & tue, leastways the allure of Top B isn't as strong this year, what with living in sunny Leamington! (well it is at the moment)

Hope all are well

May 26, 2005

Back to blogging

Ok all, I know I haven't been keeping up with this, have no real excuse, except from this term seems to be going very very quickly, its exam season already! Ok, so my first isn't til next week, but several other subjects have started, e.g. Business, Maths, English, Engineering – to name but a few. Which means the flat is much quieter, especially in the evenings, although all of us (@ one point or throughout) did have a break to watch the Liverpool-AC Milan game last night…. what a game!! Pity it had to be settled by penalties, thats twice in a week that football finals have been settled by penalties, least ways I was more pleased with this result than that of the FA Cup (Definately have preferred Man U to win).
Anyway enough of football! Hope all are well, and apologies for not blogging, shall see some of you family after the exams (thats the male contingent), when my boyfriend and I come to Download… ROLL ON 12TH JUNE!! (no exams, no worries & a festival, what could be better!)

Til next time!

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