April 17, 2012

Decision–Making & Statistics

Statistics has a significant importance in decision-making. Its approach is scientific and free of bias opinion to a greater extend. Then why can’t its simplified version be made popular for the use of non-technical person in everyday life? Our knowledge of statistics remain restricted to high-school mathematics. It should be at the level only when the practical aspects of decision-making with statistics should also be taught.

November 10, 2011

Correction in philosophy vs reslts

In the 2nd paragraph it will be SOPK (& its 4 elements) not six sigma. The edit mode is not working. sorry for the trouble.

Philosophy vs Results

We have often heard the importance of a strong foundation, and this stands true for every thing in life. Your principles & philosophies in life regarding any matter should be a value addition to what ever you do in life. Here we are trying to see the compatibility of system of profound knowledge(SOPK) with six sigma. The matrix below clearly shows that SOPK clearly fits with the process of six sigma (DMAIC).

All the four elements of six sigma are inter- related, you cannot separate one from another or have a mastery in any one to achieve a desired result.

Six sigma is a mechanical process, it ignores the people approach and might have short term gains. But for having a long term sustainability, if it is combined with SOPK then the whole approach gets a holistic vision/mission. People except this change more willingly and more importantly they work towards its success out of willingness rather than being forced into it. SOPK is the philosophy which when adopted, adds value to six sigma. The action plan of six sigma becomes a ever lasting learning, improving & innovative methodology.

Its like leading a life. We all lead a life, but is our principles, philosophies in life adding value to our living. Even a criminal leads a life and may be a successful one. So, its the difference in the philosophy that we adopt which makes the difference in our being.

System Of Profound Knowledge
Appreciation for the system Knowledge of variation Knowledge of theory Psychology
Six Sigma (DMAIC) Define

October 23, 2011

Choice between time management vs team sprit

What is team work? We all have been given individual responsibilities- we decide, analyse, discuss and then implement the task. Then why is it that-

  • A part of the question has been dropped and the information reaches you when you ask for the missing part. Your team member has spoken to the tutor & taken his permission for not doing so as its not important according to him (team member). What he is forgetting is that its a self learning module....why was the question placed by the tutor if he didn't want the answer to it. Remember we are Msc. students, grow up. If you could not do it, tell your team member, they will do it, don't let it come as a shock.
  • The draft reaches you 2hrs before deadline, and the content is not what was decided upon. No prior information given about it. You won't mind if its up to our advantage. But when the matter is not strong enough to defend its stand and when I as a colleague can challenge the content and find the gaps...What should I do....

But why should I do...

  • I have put in my 60 hrs of work and may be more
  • I have done my work on time
  • Let people learn to be responsible for their deeds
  • Even when the deadline was extended by 48hrs, the worked reached you 2 hrs before the deadline
  • We have tools like wiki to share our work, why not using it
  • Why should I take time from my PMA or other module
  • Its just a fraction of the total marks, I know the subject to my satisfaction

I have the satisfaction of giving the project my best effort. These things happen in team work. The learning has been to have the team deadline much before the actual deadline. Not to take independent decision (skipping a question etc.) on matters pertaining to the welfare of the team especially when you have enough time to discuss it.

October 18, 2011

Deciding on the business modle

Writing about web page CBE

We were discussing the ISO 9000 model and the EFQM model. After a lot of reading, listening to others and analysation I have concluded in a nut shell that no model is good or bad. It is we (the people) who use or misuse it. Every model has its own advantages or disadvantages. While choosing on any one the company should answer these questions to asses their willingness to change-

  • What is the mindset of the organisation?
  • Is the management ready for change,take an active part in it and make its people understand the purpose of change?
  • What will be the effect of this change on the organisation's basic business?
  • Is it only for gaining logo or commercial viability?

Once the organisation has done the self assessment of analysing where they stand and what they actually want, they can decide on the model and must be true towards the implementation of the model's philosophy and workings. Nothing should be on a superficial level. More importantly give time for the change to happen nothing happens overnight. Its same like a degree from a high ranked university doesn't guarantee you success, you should have the willingness to succeed.ATTITUDE MATTERS.

October 16, 2011

Profound Knowledge Of Life

What is life all about? What should one expect from life? How should one cope with life? So, many questions and little known answers......

Will here I am just making an attempt to understand life, trying to bring quality & simplicity into it by following the principles of system of profound knowledge. As Deming clearly warned that it may sound simple but the implementation of SoPK is a challenge.

So, it stands true for life's philosophy too-

  • Appreciation for life- Every one, no matter which strata he/she belongs to must have a constancy of purpose in life. One should define a aim in one's life and work towards it. Once the clarity is there then the process or the steps towards it should be defined. It should be communicated to the concern people, who will contribute towards the fulfilment of the aim.
  • Theory Of variation in life- Life is never the same and most unpredictable. People have the habit of becoming hyper at any small issues like- breakfast not on time, getting late for office, worrying over minor injuries etc. What they should realise is that these variations are a part of life (its common). Its in their hand to reduce them like getting up on time, planing ahead, being careful etc will automatically reduce most of these issues and you don't need to take drastic step for improvement. On the other hand if there are serious issues like sudden death, serious injuries, fire, flood etc (special causes) that you need to take a pause and think for solutions. These causes are very prominent, there might be no solutions for certain causes (eg. death,fire etc) but life moves on. Yon need to find alternate ways to achieve your aim or might need to modify your aim as per the situation. For the common causes its the person himself who needs to find the solution mostly. while in the special causes he might need help from family/ society.
  • Theory of life knowledge- Mankind has evolved over thousands of years and the process is still on. One should learn from his own experience as of others. His experience as far as possible should be supplemented by the knowledge of history, science, philosophy, mythology etc and more importantly should be rational. Learning from this will help you to make predictions and give a analytical view to your concepts & beliefs in life. Ultimately, giving quality to one's life.
  • Knowledge of human psychology- Man is a social being. To make the philosophy of your own life working you need to know the psychology of mankind. How different age group people react to different situations (pleasurable, crises, insecure, unexpected etc). This knowledge basically comes from experience and is enhanced by theory. The understanding of psychology will help you to unlock the human hindrance to your aim.

Interestingly enough but unconsciously I have adopted this SoPK in my life and that is why I am here at Warwick. Evolution, change, improvement & innovation are the basic essence of quality life.

October 14, 2011

Indirect Learning Within A Learning Process

Today when working as a group and trying to make a point I realised how important it is to be clear with your own thoughts and understanding of the subject, to be able to convince others. Specially when we are a group of starters, each having their own interpretation of the concept, it becomes all the more challenging. Its kind of sharping your defense skill and at the same time if you are right boosts your confidence. On the other hand if you are wrong then it encourages you to incorporate the logic, thinking process and the analysis of others in your next work. Kind of reenforces the fact that little knowledge is dangerous.

October 13, 2011

Deming's 14 points

I was going through Deming's 14 points and was very much impressed (and so is the world) by these simple and yet it goes unnoticed by most of the organization. What has really caught my fancy is that these points have been very creatively applied on us by Paul( course leader). Tried to adopt it to our situation-

  1. Create Constancy Of Purpose-He has kept our long term future in mind and that is why instead of spoon feeding us, has felt us to find solutions, through research and analysis. This will prepare us to handle any strange or unexpected situation in life and be ready with solutions.
  2. Adopt the New Philosophy- All this research and team work will ensure that we do not except or project poor quality work. Thus bringing standard and acceptability in what ever we do and follow a path of enlightenment and keep evolving for the better.
  3. Cease Dependance On Mass Inspection- When I read this the only thing that came to my mind is that instead of spoon feeding us and judging us at the end of the module like a quality inspector; he has made sure that the learning system be such that we are shown the right direction at the very start, reducing our chances of ending up as a scrape or rework material.
  4. Cease Award Of Business On Price Tag-In this context I would compare price with academic performance . He hasn't assigned the mini projects or for that matter divided the groups based on their academic performance. As he rightly said that intelligence & capabilities have nothing to do with education. So, its the quality which he wants to cultivate among us.
  5. Improve Constantly & Forever The System Of Production & Service-Installing in us the hunger for knowledge and perfection, he is making sure that this revolution remains life long. And talking about time management and mind mapping he is emphasising the fact that we need to be an all rounder and that too a progressive one at what every role(mother,daughter, friend,wife etc) we play.
  6. Institute Training-Very clearly he is been doing that by giving us a talk on time management. mind mapping, study skills and reflective thinking. He is encouraging us to adopt it because its practice alone which will help as achieve the desired quality in us.
  7. Adopt & Institute Leadership- This is kind of interesting because it is not only he who has adopted to our needs and demands, along with giving us guidance, motivation and removing the barrier between himself and the students. But have also given us this opportunity by dividing us in groups where we get the chance to lead & adopt the group.
  8. Drive Out Fear- His very statement that make mistakes has put every one at ease and allowed us to bring out the creativity in us, again as he said we need to develop the right side of our brain too.
  9. Break Down The Barriers Between Departments-Here I am comparing departments to individuals, the giraffe making activity had done the trick of breaking the ice among team members, and again interchanging the group for different module will make sure we have constructive & cooperative relationship among us.
  10. Eliminate Slogans, Exhortations & Target-He never encouraged us to look at any previous piece of work and try to adopt or set it as a bench mark. He has allowed us to be at our creative best by making us a smart worker and for this, he has assisted us with training, motivation & guidance.
  11. Eliminate Numerical Quotas For The Work Force & Numerical Goals For The Management- We have definitely been told what are the basis of differentiating a good work from a bad or a very good one. But to achieve our best we are supplemented by a good support system and are being trained to adopt to this process for better results, instead of simply instructing us to achieve an out standing result without a proper infrastructure.
  12. Remove Barriers That Deny People Pride Of Workmanship-He has done this wonderfully by giving us the infrastructure required to achieve our task. By being a passive factor he has installed in us the pride of workmanship and a budding desire of improving with every project and pushing your own benchmark every time.Whatever we are doing is our work and we can defend it any time.
  13. Institute A Vigorous Programme of education & Self Improvement- This he is trying to achieve by giving us an opportunity of having 4 seminars were we are free to choose the topic of discussion. Because by then we would have done enough reading and research to analyse which related topic interests us and his expertise would enhance our knowledge.
  14. Take Action To Accomplish The Transformation- He has very well got the previous 13 points executed and has a path to drive us through. Keen interest is being taken to give support to us, as and when required so that all the machination of learning are in coordination to give us a quality output.

In 3 days of our learning the CBE module, this is the comparsion I would do, may be with the coming week I'll be able to add on to it. As of now, very swiftly we are being turned into quality products.

October 05, 2011

Giraffe making as a team

First day of meeting people of my course. Its 39 of us from 15 different nationalities. It was really nice of Paul Roberts (our course leader) to brief us about the MBE program. It will be a challenge for most of us to do a module without lectures, its exciting to begin with; rest i will keep you updated as when we progress with it. Thanks to paul for soothing our nerves by holding a very inter active session of team building. After a couple of problem solving exercise we were asked to make a paper giraffe, the taller the better. Trust me , only when this session ended that I realised that without any efforts we all co-operated and did justice to the task assigned. Automatically the ice was broken among us and we enjoyed some good humor too. On my walk back I was simply reflecting on the thought that very rarely will we get such an opportunity to meet, learn, make mistakes and explore new ideas with people of different nationalities. And the very fact that we all opened up and contributed towards a common task simply shows that human beings have the same basic instinct of achievement and thats why we are all here. I wish all the very best and hope to have many more giraffe making projects.

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