May 12, 2006

Marketing Analysis (IB3850) Exam Case Study

So now that the case study has been released for IB3850 what does everybody think of it?

After reading it through I am unsure about which topics they intend to ask about in the exam. I would like to think they are going to ask about one of the big two topics, in my opinion, segmentation and consumer buying behaviour, but the only aspect of those I see in the case is the positioning of the Ikea brand within the American market.

Instead, I think there are links into distribution (e.g. flat–pack advantages and large superstore–like retail centres) and international marketing (e.g. standardisation versus customisation).

Also, the very fact that they inform you of Ikea's price matrix makes me think that pricing issues could crop up.

What do you think? Do you agree/disagree with any of my points?

February 09, 2006

My Own Ska–Punk Review Site

Writing about web page

I am creating a blog detailing my love of ska-punk music. It is in it's early stages yet but it will be growing as soon as I get the time to write a few more reviews.

I hope yopu like it.

December 01, 2005

NTL Ramblings

I know a lot of people seem to dislike NTL. I have to admit they are pretty useless sometimes like when it took them 2 weeks to dleiver a modem despite me phoning nearly every day.

However, all is forgiven now because as from about midday today I have been upgraded to 10MB broadband. Since I share my connection with 5 other people this really does help, not only that but our download limit has apparently gone from 30GB/month to 75GB/month so thats nice too.

I will now go back to enjoying my super-quick internet….......

November 25, 2005

Reel Big Fish Coming To The Union!

Yes, the day has finally come when a truly great band decide to visit us here at the University of Warwick. On February 23rd. 2006 Reel Big Fish will be honouring us with a gig that is not to be missed.

I guess that this has already been said before but I have only just found out about it and I cant tell you how excited I am, I have been a huge fan for years.

October 20, 2005

Pacino – Angels In America

Next in my list of unknown Pacino gems is Angels in America.

It won 5 Golden Globes; Best Miniseries, Best Actor, Best Actress, Best Supporting Actor and Best Supporting Actress

At over 5 and a half hours long, it does require commitment but it is more than worth the wait. The storyline surrounds many different characters, many of whom happen to be homosexual (don't let this put you off, I am not gay but still enjoyed this film very much) and their struggles with HIV.

You really should give this film a go!

Freeview TV in Leam? What about with a portable aerial?

Does anybody have freeview TV in Leamington? The freeview website says my postcode isnt supported but I have heard that it is not common for this to be wrong.
Also, although I have a household aerial in the living room, i get a better reception on my portable aerial upstairs, can I use freeview with this aerial?

Any help greatly appreciated.

October 19, 2005

Pacino – Scent Of A Woman

Following my shrine, I might start putting a few Pacino suggestions up here, especially for those films I think do not get as much attention as they should.

Starting with Scent Of A Woman, the only role Pacino ever got a best actor oscar for. It really is wondeful and, as you would expect, Al's acting is just superb. He portrays a blind, retired Lieutenant Colonel who wants one last adventure.

Check it out!

October 07, 2005

My Shrine To Al Pacino

Who else loves Al Pacino??

I personally believe him to be the greatest actor of all time. He is very adept at taking a role and making it his; and he is still producing top quality films even though he is getting on a bit now. Just take a look at Angels In America, a masterpiece that not many people seem to know about in the UK.

Everyone needs a few Pacino dvds in their collection:)

October 05, 2005

Easy Money….

I have been using this great website called for about a year now and I really really recommend you join up too.

Basically you get points for doing certain things like signing up to newsletters or filling in quick surveys.

Without much effort on my part I saved up enough points for a £30 Amazon vouvher which I have spent and am well on my way to getting another one soon.

It really isn't much hassle; infact just by signing up and claiming all of your 'free points' you can get enough points to receive two UCI cinema tickets.

Take a look if you think this may be for you.

September 04, 2005

Just A Quick Plug For My Other Blog

Writing about web page

Here is just a quick plug for my gambling related blog.

take a look if you are into betting and gambling.

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