September 08, 2008

First run after the travelling

I have been travelling since the middle of July till the end of August. Yesterday, I ran for the first time after the travelling. I ran 7k in 50 min. I don't think its that bad.. but i know, i need more training!

August 09, 2008


Last week

1. 20 minutes

2. 30 minutes

3. 30 minutes

This week

No running, because i fell off my bike on saturday and injured my knee =(


Writing about web page

I remember the first time I met Meg, in October 2005. She was being dragged by Josh to the Aikido-after-training social at the art centre and we were celebrating Sensei Mooney’s birthday. She was a very nice girl with a really charming smile, she brought a really happy and positive energy into the group and that’s what made me remember her so well.

When Meg told me that I could run (Two castles run) for charity, i was uncertain. Later, I found out what she had been through, i felt ashame of myself. I should have been more confident in my ability and believed that i could raise money for charity. Josh told me how to set up a site and without doubts i chose to run for Brainstrust. I even got myself a place to run in the Royal Park Half Marathon in London for Brainstrust.

Thanks Meg and Brainstrust!

My Training before today

I started running sometimes in April 2008. I signed up the two castles 10k run (Warwick to Kenilworth Castle). One of the reasons is that I wanted to try something new. I took it rather seriously, started with going to the local sports shop and bought myself a really good pair of running shoes. 

Soon after that, I went running with my new shoes and Alfie in Leamington. It was a nice easy route, no hill, no big rocks that i have to jump over, and yet I had to stop every 5-7 minutes for a short 1-2 minutes break. My friends were really supportive toward my training especially Dhammika, who ran with me and pushed me to finish the rather hilly route near campus. Josh and Meg then heard about my run and they told me that I should and could do it for the charity. 

There is actually someone else I am really appreciate, Milena. She signed up the run, but due to our busy schedule, we have never ran together. We only ran together on the race day, racing with each other, fighting over the £5 for our charity (Rob would give her £5 if she finished before me, and Tom would give me £5 if i beat her).

On the race day, I finished my run in 1 hour 7 minutes, 1 minute ahead of Milena! I have raised £110 for Brainstrust! Thank everyone who has sponsored me and Brainstrust. 

Milena and me after completing the Two Castles Run

Szevone at finish line

For Josh and Meg

Writing about web page

Josh, you inspire me again!! Without reading your blog, i wouldn’t even thought about starting my own. Just like the running, if it wasn’t for you and Meg, i wouldn’t be running the half marathon, and I wouldn’t be raising money for charity. So thank you!!

The evening when Josh and Megan told me I should and could run for charity

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