March 22, 2005

Electronic Nose

If you have visited my research activities page already then you might have seen that I am engaged with the electronic nose (e-nose) base research. The e-nose system has emerged over recent years into the limelight due to its outstanding performance in flavour detection and classification of various food products. So, I would like to introduce the e-nose to those people, who are unaware about it and willing to know something more about this device. An e-nose is a device that identifies the specific components of an odour and analyzes its chemical makeup to identify it. An electronic nose consists of a mechanism for chemical detection, such as an array of electronic sensors, and a mechanism for pattern recognition, such as a neural network. In other words, it is an instrument, which comprises a sampling system, an array of chemical gas sensors (or electronic sensor) with differing selectivity, and a computer with an appropriate pattern-classification algorithm, capable of qualitative and/or quantitative analysis of simple or complex gases, vapours, or odours. I have directly copied these definitions from Whatis?com and Electrochemistry Encyclopedia.

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