August 04, 2006


yay for everything i love it all, cos it is awesome

April 23, 2006

I.T services is a joke

i think the title makes my feelings clear.
well i just dont get it, i understand that the uni is big and has to run a lot of things, so it is a difficult job but how can the computer systems be so cloody useless.
I know that i am writing this blog and i can do this thanks to IT services, but i would also like it if all of the papers i downloaded for my final project as well as my notes on it, would just remain on the computer. luckily i made backups on disk and on my laptop but know i have to go home and get them which is a pain.
also why is it i cant print a paper with two pages per sheet, i mean if i need to read a paper, i have to print it out but why the hell do i have to print it out with 1 page per sheet. its costing me a fortune, i dont have a printer so i have to print it out at uni and with 7 papers of 5 – 20 pages each its costing me a fiver for just 1 section of my project, WTF, why cant the printers down on main campus do what bio sci printers do and print 2 per freaking sheet.
another thing, what the hell is going on with the uni email system i am waiting for some information from an application i made and dont haven't been able to get to it because my e-mail has been down since bloody friday. Why dont i just tell them to e-mail it to my hotmail, you may ask well the problem with that is i dont have their contact details and am communicating solely via e-mail so i am buggered.
BLOODY IT services can SHOVE it where the sun dont shine.

sorry rant over

April 15, 2006

Tooth ache

broke my tooth in half the other day (was eating sensation thai sweet chilli and they are EXTRA crispy), and my mouth was aching so i went to the dentist who sadistically wrenched my tooth together and then glued it.
Well she proceeds to check my other teeth and says i have very healthy teeth and gums, so she thinks it may have been infected, at which point she removes the glue (painfully) and digs around in there whilst my body dehydrates from the amount of tears produced. All she says in the end is you might just have caught your tooth wrongly on that crisp but because of the probing i will now need a filling!
Then she says
'make an appointment for that next week i will temporarily glue it together again',
i say 'why cant you do it now',
'Its for emergencies only and i have temporarily fixed it, you should be ok for a while'
hmpf well me tooth still hurts and will till after teh exams.

April 14, 2006

Mary Poppins


April 11, 2006


Who made the internet, webby, interweb?
Cheers for making a great resource and helping make the world that bit more accessible.
Damn you for making it possible for the production things like facebook and blogs and other such procrastination promoting resources.

damn me for being so weak and easily distracted

March 08, 2006


I have come home for the week and in my time here i have realised that i am indeed a sexist. My sister quite clearly pointed this out to me yesterday when i said
'Aman make me some food!'
'No, make it yourself'
'but you're the girl',
now i wasn't aware of what i was saying but my sister spoke my words back to me and i realised that deep down i am a sexist.

The thing is i recognise that my sister is able to do whatever she wants, she is pretty great and can certainly do most things i do and some i that cant do, but i prefer the idea that she be like my mum and be a housewife. When i look at my sister i do think that her 'place' (for lack of a better word) is in the home.

Now i know that this opinion is wrong but its what i think and i dont understand how i am supposed to change this and why does it bother me so much.

ANY help be great!

March 02, 2006

Sprained hand

I sprained my hand playing football and now it looks hilarious. Its all fat and looks like someone blew up one of those marygold gloves. Like a fat patato with chubby extensions for fingers.

February 22, 2006


Just smile

January 23, 2006


Tea is great, this is how i make mine:

boil 1 cup water in pan over hob,
add teabag,
and 1 crushed green cardamon,
add sugar,
let boil and simmer for a while,
pour in milk and simmer,
sieve out tea bag and cardamon an serve.

god that is beautiful.

January 22, 2006


cold can of coca-cola, mmmmmmmm.

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