September 28, 2005

UNION FEEDBACK – Stagecoach buses (particularly late night)

I have been asked by Stagecoach to find out how their buses are running at the moment, particularly the ones after events.

If you have a piece of negative feedback it would be very useful if you can specify an exact time and date of the problem. It is no use to them to say "the buses are always late" as they can't then pinpoint the problem.

Positive feedback is also always welcomed

So then, how are the buses?

Nick Seagrave
Commercial Development and Communications Officer

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  1. Hi Nick,
    very good question. Us news geeks at RaW are planning a big thing about the buses next week, including a Top Gear style 'bus versus car' challenge. Hopefully we can get some comment from Stagecoach too. Be interested to see what people on the blogs have to say.

    Personally, my bus problems have been the fault of traffic rather than the buses themselves. Having said that, bit annoyed by them coming only every 12 minutes (was 10 last term), and the radios are doing my head in.

    28 Sep 2005, 21:11

  2. I think Stagecoach buses have been running ok (dare I say it, running well) since term started. After Top B there were plenty of buses to take us all back home to Leam, but I was a little sad that after paying almost £200 for a bus pass, the premium fare for after midnight buses had increased by 50% to £1.50. And it seems that they spend all their profits on paint and goody bags containing a pen and a bottle opener…

    28 Sep 2005, 22:37

  3. After Top Banana on Monday, at approximately 0030 a group of students (including my friend and I) was turned away from a Stagecoach bus at the main campus bus stop and told to go and wait by the cone as "there's a queue there.". There was no queue, nor was there a bus or any Union staff. At which point it started to rain so we leapt on the next passing Travel Coventry bus.

    So in answer to your question, at the time on that night: shit.

    28 Sep 2005, 23:21

  4. Well.. I have to say I am impressed – plenty of timetables, and regular buses (except for last two days but seeing as I was hit with stories from car drivers taking an hour and a half from Kenilworth, I hardly think that this is down to the bus co.

    I also was pleased to see a driver suggesting that people got off on gibbet hill stop in order to miss the traffic and sit for half an hour on the main loop- its what you want to see from a bus driver – thinking and planning ahead!

    As for the radio – haven't heard it much actually, but I thought that it would be quite good to play soothing classic FM on these first week hangover mornings!

    Or how about a diffferent station for a different day.. after all there's some good comedy on radio 4 you know!


    29 Sep 2005, 09:01

  5. Right some replies, If you have any further comments do add them:

    Chris D – Stagecoach believe that by scheduling the buses every 12 minutes they will help eliminate some of the bunching that occurs, also if I've understood the timetable rightly there are some extra ones at peak time in the morning. They are trying to adjust the radio levels to a level that allows a personal stereo to be listened to and so they can't be heard on the bottom deck (and they will be stopping the driver fiddling the volume). They are also sticking to one station.

    Chris H – They did put up posters around the bus stops but they were taken down unfortunately, they are trying to get something more permanent up there. All stagecoach buses after midnight leave from the Arts Centre

    04 Oct 2005, 18:56

  6. Oh dear…. which station are they intending to play?

    05 Oct 2005, 08:10

  7. Chris – I'm afraid I don't know that!

    05 Oct 2005, 11:09

  8. Dave Hedgehog

    Why only try finding out what's going on with Leamington buses? This is the same every year, with the Union (the Boar are even worse offenders) saying they'll do something about the buses, but not even mentioning the Cov situation.

    Last friday afternoon there were a few bus loads of people waiting for a Cov bus for over half an hour, in this time 4 leamington buses came. Obviously when a bus did come most people couldn't fit on it.

    12 Oct 2005, 12:19

  9. Death

    Hello all! :–)
    I know that this might not be timely or relevant to your area, but I found this page from a Google search, and thought that I would contribute with my story. :–)

    Earlier today, I broke down opposite a bus stop. Thinking this was as fortunate as such a happening could be, I parked the car and waited for the bus (20 minute frequency) that I knew was due. Anyhow, after waiting there for 25 minutes, it still did not arrive and with the necessity of my journey in mind, I wound up having to walk. As a result, I arrived at my destination no less than two hours late, and what I was attending had already been and gone. :–(

    Anyhow, I caught the bus home so that I could push my car back into the car park by my flat. (If the two blokes who helped me push it home are reading this, a thousand thanks again! :–)
    Upon finishing this, I decided to catch the next bus (Due in 15 minutes.) to visit a friend in the next town. However I walked back down the route to the main road (Where the route loop for my estate starts and ends) to get a drink from the local inconvenience store, when I saw the bus in question come speeding down the main road, NOT enter the loop like it was timetabled to, and disappear off into the distance before I could even hail it. As a result, I was unable to catch the bus and had to spend an extra £15,– on a taxi to make the journey as the next bus was over an hours wait. :–(

    I called into Stagecoach's depot in Aldershot and spoke to the dispatch controller, seeking a refund of the taxi fare (Which I am legally entitled to as I already held a valid day ticket from the earlier journey.) and was met with not only excuses and put–downs, but threats and a rather violent attitude to boot. I must admit that I was tempted to TWoC a bus to continue my journey with, but only avoided doing so as I (And anyone who I hit) would not be insured. As a result I've actually walked more distance today than I have travelled by bus! :–@

    I'm planning to go to Stagecoach's regional office tomorrow (In Basingstoke I believe) to seek complete recompense for all of this, and to also put across both mine and other passengers complaints, views and suggestions for what could be done with the service, short of sticking it up the transport managers arse! :–P

    It's all a big pity really, because not only are Stagecoach the best rail operator in the country (South West Trains – Need I say more? :), but they also offer a free PSV licence and an average rate of pay for 55 hours a week… :–S

    >> Death <<

    25 May 2006, 00:41

  10. brian winters

    why does the brightonhill bus only run one a hour after 7.15 dont they think people go out then

    12 Dec 2006, 09:38

  11. Pat Dummett

    My son partly chose Plymouth Uni because he could live at home as the bus went through our village of Chudeligh. Just as he committed to Plymouth, Stagecoach decided to bypass the villages. it passes within 2oo hundred yards of village but nearest stop is on busy A38, pitch black after dusk and no houses so only safe solution to catch X38 from Plymouth to Exeter then X39 from Exeter to Chudleigh. Not ideal but it worked until now when the 16.10 X38 has been cancelled and the 17.10 X38 no longer makes the connection with the X39 in Exeter. My daughter has so little faith in Stagecoach that she has moved to Plymouth rather than risk her safety to a bus company that obviously cares nothing for its customers.

    It would appear that Stagecoach have no interest in assisting people to avoid using their cars as I have been amazed to discover how many people use their cars when they would prefer to catch the bus if there was one.l

    08 Nov 2007, 18:52

  12. Marian Coops

    Stagecoach dont care about customers just as long as they get the money .

    08 Nov 2007, 19:01

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