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January 23, 2006

Opt out of the National Student Survey

Writing about web page

Just a quick heads up for finalists to tell/remind you that the National Student Survey is coming up and, given the flawed nature of the survey and the intrusive techniques used, the best course is probably to boycott it. To do so, you need to click on the link in the e-mail they send you, click to do the survey in English, then go to the check-box they've cunningly hidden at the bottom of the page to opt out. You'll also need to put your date of birth in in order to confirm.

November 15, 2005

Resources SSLC

Resources SSLC is this Thursday (17th November). Representatives from the Library (including The Learning Grid), Careers and I.T. Services meet with the Students' Union Representatives to discuss issues and problems students might be facing regarding these resources.

If anyone has any points/issues they want to raise, please leave your comments.

Library opening hours during the vacation period

As of this academic year the Library opening hours will remain the same as term time during the vacation periods instead of the reduced opening hours like previous years…

November 07, 2005

English Literature Society Bookstall

This Wednesday (9th November) sees the beginning of a brand new Union Service run by your academic society. The English Literature Society kick off the Union secondhand bookstall in Cholo, so come along, sell your old books, and buy some new (ish) ones. Students from all courses welcome.

Got any old books you need shifting? Well beginning this Wednesday the Students' Union is helping academic societies host a weekly bookstall. Each Wednesday a different academic society will take a stall in Cholo allowing you to drop off any old texts you want selling, and the chance to pick up a bargain.

This Wednesday (9th November) sees the beginning of the bookstall. The English Literature Society kick off the show, so if you're an English/Theatre/Philosophy Student or even if you have a few choice classics missing from your collection, (or left over that want rid of!) then come along on Wednesday and drop them off early, then come back at the end of the day to collect your cash!

Leave as many or as few books as you wish, and the society will sell them for you, taking 10% to cover their costs, and then give you back the rest at the end of the day, Bargain!

If you're on the exec for an academic society and would like to host a bookstall next term then contact Brian Duggan the Education Officer and Deputy President at
Happy Shopping!

November 06, 2005

Issue of loud announcements in the library lifts

Regarding the Library and the numerous complaints received by the Education Officer about loud announcements in the library lifts...

Dear Brian

Further to our recent meeting, the lift engineers have already turned down announcements for each floor to the minimium setting. The engineers did what we asked for the two student lifts, but there is an outstanding request for the staff lift sounders to be turned down further to match the other two.

Apparently the sound has to be at a reasonably high level to comply with the Disability Discrimination Act (DDA) regulations.

November 05, 2005

People's views on the Library

Part of our job on the ARC is to monitor people's experiences of and attitudes to the library and to bring any major issues raised to the university's attention. If you have any comments about the library or suggestions for improvement, please leave a comment here (you're free to do so anonymously if you want). Sadly we can't work miracles like solving problems of space etc. but it's still worth letting us know about any problems you encounter.

October 31, 2005

Academic Representation Committee

The ARC is here to deal with academic issues on behalf of Warwick University students. The ARC takes issues raised from SSLC meetings, as well as from students through their representatives, to campaign for such things as improving the personal tutoring system and library.

However, the committee not only discusses issues raised at individual SSLC meetings, but is also responsible for coordinating the Students´ Union's academic strategy. The Faculty Reps, Education Officer, President, and lay members all come together to concert with each other on the most effective way of implementing each others' plans for improving the academic life for students at the University.

The aim of this blog is to encourage students to post comments on issues they want raised and to inform the student population of what the ARC is doing.

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