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January 30, 2006

Top B Midnight Pounder – Last chance to vote!

It's your last chance to vote for this week's Midnight Pounder – use your democratic privilege wisely! Here

June 06, 2005

Pirate Banana

AAAAARRRRRHHHHH that be right mateys! The banana is bein taken over by a scuurvy bunch of pirates next monday (14th June). There be dubloons and prizes a-plenty for the most piratey of ye, and ye might even be able to jump the queue ahead of all those land-lubbin students who haven't made the effort to dress up.

Check back here for more details me hearties and, more importantly…


Yrs sincerely,

James "Mad Dog" McTarbit and Christopher "not as nice as Columbus" Carteree – pirates on the high seas…

p.s. if any of ye can be tellin me what this cartoon actually means…there's a piece of eight in it for ye – I haven't the foggiest…Arrhhhh

April 21, 2005

Top Banana requests

Seeing as just as many people hang out on the blogs as on the Union forums, I thought I'd start a Top B requests list here as well.

Usual rules apply – stick it down here, and we'll do our best to play it!

James x

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