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June 23, 2005

'Bit of Basement Jaxx'

The rythm, the tracks, the Basement, the Jaxx

Went to see Basement Jaxx at the Birmingham Academy last night and they were, quite frankly, awesome. It was pretty much the best gig I've ever been to. The energy coming off that stage was immense, and the entire crowd was bouncing up and down like there was no tomorrow.

The gig started off with support from 'The Go Team'. They had some really nice ideas (I loved the two drum kits), and were very high energy, but I felt their set flagged little towards the end. Their next single was actually the worst song I heard them play – have no idea why they want to release it.

Then, after a small wait, the Jaxx took to the stage, and started as they meant to go on – dropping 'Good Luck' complete with Lisa Kekaula in a massive futuristic wedding dress. And the pace simply didn't flag from there. 'Oh My Gosh', 'Romeo', 'Right Here's the Spot', 'Red Alert', 'Jump and Shout', 'U Don't Know me', 'Jump and Shout' (with Slarta John live…which was nice!), 'Do Your Thing', 'Rendezvous', little bits of 'Samba Magic', and 'Just 1 Kiss', a stomping remix of 'Can't Get you out of my Head' (presumably practising for Sunday) and they finished the set with an awesome version of 'Where's Your Head At', which saw Felix and all the Jaxx singers leaping into a crowd that they'd whipped up into a veritable frenzy.

If that wasn't enough, they came back after about a minute of screaming to drop 'Bingo Bango', which went on for about 10 minutes.

And when they weren't playing their hits, Felix, Simon, and all the Jaxx dancers were smashing together awesome bootleg interludes. At some point I heard:

Audio Bullys – Shot You Down
Amerie – 1 Thing
Snoop Dogg – Drop it Like it's Hot
Missy Elliott – Lose Control
Aretha Franklin – Think

All performed live by the singers whilst being remixed by the Jaxx boys, and accompanied by their three-piece ska horn section, bongo drummers, guitarists, and drummers.

I came out of the gig looking like I'd had a shower with my clothes on. It was hideously hot, and I'd been in the middle of the crowd for the whole set, but it was totally worth it. Seriously, if you're at Glastonbury/going today, you're lucky lucky people. If you miss every other band and just see Basement Jaxx come Sunday, you'll have had your money's worth…

June 13, 2005


And just to remind you all – it's PIRATE BANANA TONIGHT!!



June 12, 2005

Vague F2 playlist from last night's Skool Dayz

Wow!...just…Wow! I had an absolutely AWESOME time DJing in the Cooler last night. Once again, the TSG boys did their thing with aplomb, making the technical side of the night as special as special can be. Thanks to everyone who stuck it out in there, I hope you all enjoyed yourselves! Also thanks for dancing to the new track we played – Matt (the producer) was in the middle of the crowd, and said it was one of the best nights of his life!

If i'm honest, re-creating the playlist from last night will be tricky (I've got a terrible memory!) But I think it went something like this…

Alan Braxe & Fred Falke – Intro
DJ Spen presents DJ Technic – Gabryelle
Marascia – Shake It
Tom Neville – Just Fuck
Par-T-One – I'm So Crazy
Bobby Blanko – 'Old Skool'
Basement Jaxx – U Don't Know me
Wiseguys – Cowboy 78 (Roger Sanchez 'casa de Sanchez' mix)
Soul Avengerz – Enjoy Yourself
12th Avenue – 'feel what' (rework of Powerhouse 'I got what you need')
15th Avenue – Fantasy (rework of Baby D – 'Let me be your Fantasy')
Tori Amos – Professional Widow (Armand van Helden rmx)
Audio Bullys – Shoot you down
Spankox – To the Club
Mylo – In my arms (Sharam Jey remix)
Basement Jaxx – Where's Your Head at?
Sandy B – You Make the World go Around (Deep Dish remix)
CJ Bolland – Sugar is Sweeter
Tim Deluxe – It Just Won't Do
White Stripes – Seven Nation Army (Tim Deluxe remix)
Alter Ego – Rocker (Errol Alkan remix)
Underworld – Born Slippy
Faithless – Insomnia
Josh Wink – Higher State of Consciousness
Tomcraft – Loneliness
Kernkraft 400 – Zombie Nation
Da Hool – Meet her at the Love Parade
Joy Kitikonti – Joyenergiser
Basstoy – Running
Barthezz – On the Move
Liquid – Sweet Harmony
Darude – Sandstorm
Rollerball – Albinoni
William Orbit – Barber's Adagio for strings
Delirium – Silence
Matt Saunders – Freedom (WORLD PREMIER)
Progidy – Smack my Bitch up
The Shamen – Ebeneezer Goode
Sesame's Treet – Sesame's Treet
Urban Hype – Trip to Trumpton
The Prodigy – No Good (Start the Dance)
Atlantic Ocean – Waterfall
DT8 - Destination (rah!)
Coldplay – Clocks (some odd remix)
Reel2Reel – I Like to Move it
Livin Joi – Dreamer
Snap! – Rhythm is a Dancer
Culture Beat – Mr. Vain
Strike – U Sure Do
Felix – Don't You Want me?
Chemical Brothers – Hey Boy, Hey Girl
N-Trance – Set you Free

I'm fairly sure there are some gaps, but I wasn't in the mood to be writing anything down last night! Do let me know if I've missed your favourite ;o)

The Weekend's purchases


Green Day – American Idiot (special edition)

British Sea Power – Open Season

Maximo Park – Apply some Pressure

Coldplay – X & Y

The Modern – Suburban Culture EP

Arctic Monkeys – Five Minutes with the Arctic Monkeys EP


Breakfast at Tiffanys (special edition)
IRobot (special edition – with film cell – £5, a bargain methinks)

and a lot of vinyl.

I may have no money, but I'm a happy happy boy!

June 08, 2005

I spent last night in a David LaChapelle video

Dear Lord what a night!

Flashback to yesterday afternoon. When I left work yesterday the sun was shining. I had my ticket to the gig (Fightstar, Armour for Sleep, Brigade, and Prego at the Electric Ballroom), and all was well. Flashforward to the present, and I sit here writing this a broken man after the weirdest night in a looooong time. What happened you ask? Read on dear reader…read on.

So I got on the train down to London, and caught the tube no problem at all. I arrived at the Camden lock hotel to meet my friends, and the alcohol started to flow like…well…alcohol really. Slowly but surely we made our preparations, and strolled down to the gig to wait in a queue full of identikit emo kids and their 2-litre bottles of Strongbow. I was conversing with a young lady called Emma, a friend of a friend, and all was well.

I was only really there to see the first support act of the night (Prego). You might think that a trip down to London and an £11.00 ticket puts a high value on the first support act of a 4-band gig, but hey ho – they sent me a CD of their stuff, and I liked it a lot. True to form, Prego impressed sufficiently for me to make the obligatory t-shirt purchase from the very pleasant bearded man on the stall who assured me that "you're definitely a medium" – kind words indeed.

The entertainment out of the way, Emma and I (it would seem that she had a similarly ambivalent attitude to the majority of the evening's promised wonders – she admitted that the main reason she was there was because of young Mr. Simpson's good looks. And why not!) began the age-old tradition of 'propping up the bar'

Red Stripe happened

Southern Comfort happened

Tequila happened

There were some noises from around the corner that suggested that bands were playing, but we stuck to our guns (and our bar stools), and muscled through. I found a discarded pint at the bar, which I swiftly swapped for a fresh one with the cunning 'my pint is flat ploy'. Even more happily, our slurred request (well…demand) for free shots bore fruit with the hirstute bar manager, and more tequilas were forthcoming 'on the house'.

The bands ended. Everyone wanted to go back to the hotel. I did not. What could I do in such a situation? Swallow my pride and go to the hotel? Wander around Camden for 10 mins in a vain attempt to find 'the party', only to realise my futility and go back to the hotel? Or take the bar-lady (person? maid? who knows…who cares!) up on her kind offer of taking me out in Soho with her and her sister? Oh I think we can all guess…

So it was that I found myself in the company of two midlanders freshly arrived in the big smoke (to be honest, I think our shared midland-centric friendliness was the only reason Carla – for twas her name…I think – extended the invitation my way) on a tube to Soho, where I was reliably informed Madame JoJos was 'were the party was at'. And how…

Madame JoJos appeared on the horizon, and on paying £15 for the privilige of an evening's entertainment (what else could I do but pay their way as well), I found myself in a cavernous indie club, with a very hairy DJ (hairier, even, than the Electric Ballroom barman) spinning cutting edge floorfillers to the hip and holistically-centred London populace.

Red Stripe happened

Tequila happened

I commited the ultimate punter's sin – walking up to the DJ in an attempt to look cool I uttered the fateful phrase "could you play some Maximo Park?"

"This is Maximo Park"

"Oh right….er….Peaches?"

dear god, there was no shame, no shame whatsoever. But the best was yet to come, Suddenly three of what can only be described as LaChappelle's latest video extras bounded on stage and proceeded to release a torrent of truly awful noise on us for a good 20 minutes. Think Le Tigre crossed with Tool, and you'll start to get the idea… One man (the lead…er…screecher) was dressed in a brunette wig and polka-dot mini dress. Another was dressed in some kind of latex mask (god alone knows what of), whilst the other (the 'talent' of the band I suppose he could be called) was sporting a fetching adult-sized red romper suit, and appeared to have a Bluto mask on. You think I lie? The pictures tell their own tale…

Kelly Osbourne really has let herself go…


I seriously haven't got a CLUE

We left the club shortly after three, having imbibed more Red Stripe than is proper, and having pretended to be from NME for a while (they didn't buy it), and took a long taxi ride to the girls' house in Criklewood. It was only when I arrived there that I realised that a house in Criklewood, lovely though it was, was not a hotel in Camden (where my bag was). Being as I had to be in work by 12 today, getting back to the bag was perhaps more important than chatting nonsense with two Midlanders…

I left the house. But where was I to go? Being as my knowledge of the suburbs of London is only slightly worse than my knowledge of the suburbs of Taipei, I wondered around getting verrrry cold for a while (clad, as I was, in only a T-shirt and jeans) with only the prostitute cards in the phone booth window for amusement….hang on….PHONE BOOTH! My mobile may have been out of battery, but good old BT saved the day. £2 later, and a short wait, and a minicab was whisking me across London back to my bag (a very nice minicab man he was too – £10 from Criklewood to Camden is, I have been assured by my London friends, not bad going at all). Having woken everyone up in the hotel in a vain attempt to find a floor, I eventually crashed out.

I awoke at 9.30 and got the train back to Coventry this morning wondering if it was all a dream. Sadly the combination of Bluto photos, scuzzed-up Converse, prostitute stickers, and a sizeable hole in my bank balance have since proven that it was all too too real…

Whoever said Tuesday nights were meant to be quiet…..

June 06, 2005

Pirate Banana

AAAAARRRRRHHHHH that be right mateys! The banana is bein taken over by a scuurvy bunch of pirates next monday (14th June). There be dubloons and prizes a-plenty for the most piratey of ye, and ye might even be able to jump the queue ahead of all those land-lubbin students who haven't made the effort to dress up.

Check back here for more details me hearties and, more importantly…


Yrs sincerely,

James "Mad Dog" McTarbit and Christopher "not as nice as Columbus" Carteree – pirates on the high seas…

p.s. if any of ye can be tellin me what this cartoon actually means…there's a piece of eight in it for ye – I haven't the foggiest…Arrhhhh

June 03, 2005


This Saturday, Party Tunes presents the talented-yet-mysterious DJ duo that is the TNC SOUNDSYSTEM.

All I'm going to say is that this event is going to be quite possibly the largest thing to hit the marketplace since the combined weights of Marshall Jefferson and Farley Jackmaster Funk at Metropolis Chicago. It's going to be bigger than the Magic Numbers. It's going to be larger Live 8; It is, quite literally (well…nearly literally) the finest night's entertainment in the Union this year…


you name it – Party Tunes has it. And not a whiff of cheese in sight!

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