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May 27, 2005

Bank Holiday – Advance

Hey all,

Just wanted to advise everyone that Advance won't be open this Monday coming (30th May), as it's a Bank Holiday.



May 11, 2005

There is nothing quite like…

Re-discovering an old favourite album. Nothing in the world. Walking around the book stall in the Marketplace today, nothing much interesting so I sauntered over to the CD stall (RnB. hip-hop and dance section naturalmente). Between the dross that made up much of the selection; RnB love, the best of RnB love, the return of RnB love et al, found this little beauty!

Had completely forgotten about it! Lost my copy years ago – probably left it in a CD player somewhere, but it's so good!! and it was only a fiver.

Am sitting here in a Slim-fuelled comfortable big-beat haze, and it's all gravy, baby. I hope the same stall's back next Wednesday, I feel the need to dig out another old timer…

May 05, 2005

Trying something new

Now don't get me wrong here, this entry isn't any attempt to key into the whole debate of 'beigeness' vs. 'non-beigeness' that seemed to proliferate across these blogs a few weeks ago, but it seems to me that at times Warwick falls prey to a slight closed-mindedness with regards to going out.

Everyone enjoys Top Banana. It's an easy, and free, night's entertainment. Chances are you'll know the vast majority of the songs that get played (unless Carter and I really shoot something different at you which, let's face it, is half the fun ;o), so it doesn't take much effort on your behalf to get into a night. Same thing counts for End of Term Parties, Boogie Nights, Neon etc etc etc

However, mention one of Warwick's specialist nights to some students; casually drop in an "are you going to Pressure this evening? Fancy Mojo next week?" and more often than not I'm greeted with a "no" and a bemused expression. As if I should know that those events couldn't possibly be what anyone is after.

I realise that these specialist events (Pressure, Mojo, Heat, Vapour et al) have their own die-hard fanbase which keeps them running. Other than that, however, it's just the odd sale that's picked up due to any famous name that might be attached. There is very little 'try something new' spirit currently in effect at Warwick, which is a great pity.

When I arrived at Warwick as a 1st year, I knew sod all about music (if I'm honest, I think my CD collection still contained 'Classic Queen' and 'Dangerous' by Michael Jackson!), but I found a wealth of different events at Warwick, all just waiting to enthuse me about a different musical genre. I don't think there's a single event that I haven't been to at some point since my arrival here – that's not boasting, I'm just really happy that I've tried everything on offer.

What I want to put across is that there are events in the Union that will give you a great musical education at minimal cost, and you should sodding well go and try them all out!! Happily, three of these events are happening in the Union this weekend.

1 ) You've got Pressure tonight - with Adam F. It's £4, so I don't care if you're not Drum'n'Bass's biggest fan, you should still try it out! It's the last one of the year, so all the residents will be going hell-for-leather, and Adam F is a quite simply SUPERB DJ.

2 ) Tomorrow there's Soul Nation, with Kano and the Mitchell Brothers. Again, not everyone's cup of tea. But I can guarantee you that it's going to be an amazing show. Kano is one of the most influential figures on the UK hip-hop/garage scene at the moment, and it's only 3!! That's a ridiculous price..

3 ) Finally, Saturday sees the last Vapour of the year, with Underwater boys Tim Deluxe and Paul Jackson joining myself behind the decks. Again, it might not be totally your thing, but to get to see DJs like that for only £4 in advance is a chance you shouldn't pass up! The music is going to be great (I know my set will be, if nothing else), and probably fairly accessible to the uninitiated.

So there you have it. You've got three completely different events in three nights; each with a world-class act performing, and all of them £4 or less. If you went to all three, you'd spend £11 on tickets. Not bad for a lost weekender, surely?! Now stop reading this, get on the portal, and buy yourself some tickets…and some for your mates – make that kitchen social you've been meaning to have for weeks happen at an event where you'll be able to experience something knew, as well as having a fucking good time…

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