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March 10, 2006

at least the sun shines in sussex

Itís that time of term again. The dreaded end to a good social life; being able to eat when you feel like it; not having to care about anyone apart from yourself (if youíre single that is). Yup, tomorrow Iím going homeÖ
It also means that Iím edging closer to my birthday. This year Iím turning 22!! Why does that feel so much older than 21?? Before I know it, Iíll be 30, still single and wellÖI donít knowÖsomething.
But obviously, itís also time for something Iíve been looking forward to for months now. Itís nearly time for TOUR. On the 20th Iíll be jetting off to Spain, together with other equally as mad people. Itís going to be amazing!!

Have to tidy up my room; parents are coming in a few hours time. Tomorrow they are taking me to Crufts at the NEC. Clearly my idea of heaven!! I would not much rather have a long lie-in, or just relax. Nope, I absolutely love watching dogs run around a ring for a whole day. It's bliss.

So anyway, tomorrow I'm going home. Start working as a dental nurse at 8 o'clock Monday morning. Will be back on Saturday though for football :)

December 14, 2005

'i can't tell you what to do, but…'

Argh, no one has the ability to drive me as crazy as my own dear mother. The conversation tonight went along the lines of:

ĎDonít you like being at home?? You could cheer up a bit. Your father and I feel like you donít like us anymore.í

ĎOf course I like coming home, otherwise I wouldnít be here, would I??í

ĎWell thatís not what it appears as. Iíll give you some advice: donít cut us off because you can never get that back when you regret it in a few years time.í

ĎWell Iím not. Iím at home right?? I only stayed up there for a week because I find it easier to revise up there. Iíll try to be more cheerful.í

ĎDonít get dragged into turning your back on your parents like so many students do, because I tell you, most people who stay away from home do so because they donít have a home to go back to.í

ĎIím sure thatís not the case, besides Iím not turning my back on you. Just because I donít feel like sitting down in front of the TV every night doesnít mean that I donít like being at home.í

ĎWell thatís what it feels like to your father and I; we feel like you donít want to be here. Is it really too much to ask of you that you come home during your holidays??í

ĎI am home now!! No, I donít hate being at home!! Besides how do you think I felt when I came home as early as I could on Saturday, because you asked me to, and you werenít even there?? Dad plays golf all of Saturday and Sunday, so itís not like I see him anyway. Using your reasoning Iíd say that you didnít care whether I was coming home or not.í

ĎThatís different.í

About an hour laterÖ

ĎYou spend about 40 weeks up there, is it really too much to ask that you stay here until the 3rd?? Besides, what will your brother think of you if you took off as soon as he got here??í

ĎErr, no I think itís more like 33 weeks, so I spend about 19 at home. He gets here on Friday, so I wouldnít just be taking off. Do you really think Iíd spend 19 weeks a year at home if I didnít like it??í

ĎWell, I donít know. It could be because you have nowhere else to go over the summer. But I canít tell you what to do. You do whatever you like. Itís your life, you do whatever you want. But I can tell you how I feel, and if you go up there for New Yearís Eve then it feels like you donít want to be at home.í

The funny thing is (well it's not really funny, more ironic I guess), that itís only when my mum gets like this that I donít like being at home. Unfortunately she gets like that a lot. Sheís on about how I have changed; that Iím more secretive since I went to uni. Well Iím sure that she doesnít want to know what goes on in my life (not that I have ever told her anything, because she simply canít keep it to herself), and why isnít it acceptable for me to change??

Are all mums like this, or is it only mine??

December 10, 2005

Why is there never anything to do at home??

I have been here in total two and a half hours, and I am now bored. I have unpacked all the stuff I brought back with me from Leam, which wasnít a lot really, and I had a chat with my older brother. My parents are not here, which is why I fail to understand why it was sooooo important for me to come home today. There is absolutely no food in the fridge either, and I am quite sure that they have gone to some restaurant in Tunbridge Wells and thus left us, my brother and I, to starve for the rest of the day.
Thank God that I have internet access in my room, which means that I can stay here for most of what is left of the evening. Apart from when Iíll go downstairs to watch the X factor.
So anyway, my conclusion to this entry is that Iím really bored, as Iím sure most students are by now. I have nothing to do!! Now Iím definitely going back up to Leam to celebrate New Yearís Eve there. Excellent, itís going to be great!!

December 03, 2005

end of the road (erm, i meant term)

Right, the term is now officially over. I took the train yesterday evening at half six back home to Crowborough (thatís where I really live, not far away from ĎRoyalí Tunbridge Wells; funny that, I live in two 'royal' places). I am coming back though.
I had a phone-call from my mum about two weeks ago asking me when I was coming back. Obviously I said that I didnít knowÖwell thatís about the time that she asked me to come home this weekend to look after the dogs, because she, my dad and my older brother were going to go to Paris for the weekend. I didnít really have any choice but to come back, so here I am; all alone in a five bedroom house with only five small cocker spaniels and a projector TV to keep me company. Theyíre quite good company in a way. Theyíre lying here on the floor all around me now, and as soon as I move they will too. I never have to worry that I canít hear the doorbell, because they always will and theyíll let me know. Neither do I have to care what I look like in the morning because theyíll hug and kiss me no matter what (ok, maybe itís more like them pouncing on me in my bed, me screaming at them to get off because itís only 7 oíclock, which obviously to them must mean that I love the fact that theyíre pinning me down and licking my face).
The upside to all this is that when I go back up to Leam tomorrow, for the game, is that I get to take my mumís car with me. That was my condition for even coming home, because otherwise I wouldnít have been able to play at all. This, I guess, suits my parents because it means that they donít have to come up to Warwick to pick me up. Theyíre rather lazy and selfish in many ways and they rely on me way to much to take care of everything they donít want to do: like cooking, cleaning, grocery shopping and taking care of the dogs. So yes, I am coming back tomorrow for at least a week of partying and laughterÖand studying.

Have a good Christmas everyone!! Get too drunk New Yearís Eve because I know I certainly will ;)

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