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May 11, 2006

First the football club then the WORLD!!!!

I just want to say congrats to everyone who got the position they wanted in the football elections yesterday. And while it’s great that so many of the positions were contested it’s certainly never easy to choose between friends. It was never clear cut who was going to win. This is the line up for next year:


2ND TEAM CAPTAIN – little Jen
SOCIAL SECS – Tam and Soph

Despite this being a “young” exec with only 4 people having been on the exec this year, I’m fairly certain that we can work well together.

Obviously I’m pleased to have been elected president. Think that it’s always been expected of me to run for the position, which is probably why no one ran against me yesterday.

PS. Thank you Rich for picking me up yesterday. Don't know what I'd do without you.

PPS. Well done to everyone who got (proper) awards yesterday. Can't think of people who deserve them more than you guys.

February 11, 2006

inner smile

These past few weeks have been rather odd. I’ve hardly seen my housemates at all because I’ve just been really busy with going out and football (this includes one day spent in bed because of a particularly bad hangover). The thing with going out is that you get a taste for it. Even though I’m now shattered, after having been out on Wednesday to Score, after having been to UEA, and Thursday to Kelseys (plus I’ve played football a lot and I went Streetvibing on Thursday), I’m really up for going out tonight as well. But since my housemates are nowhere to be seen, I think that they are all out with their respective boyfriends/girlfriends and Rich has gone home, I have no one to go out with. So probably what I’ll do is spend the whole evening in front of the TV, watching whatever they’re showing from the Olympic Games, on my own no doubt.

So yes, anyway, these past few weeks have been odd because even though we have played brilliant football we’re out of the Cup and getting relegated from our division in BUSA, and I’ve also had some pretty crap news from my tutor. But all of these things somehow don’t seem too bad because of the many great nights out I’ve had recently. So even though things are definitely not going my way, it somehow feels as if they are. Maybe I’m just slightly delusional from a tad bit too much alcohol lately, but I just wanted to say that things are definitely good. Getting to know new people, starting dancing again, probably playing the best football I've done for a really long time…I can’t stop smiling…

Playing Tyburn tomorrow and, as we beat them 7 – 0 last time we played them, I don’t think that they’ll put up much of a challenge. But come and support anyway; the crowd last Sunday was wicked, would love to have a crowd equally big this week.

February 07, 2006

I thought that she had crushed my foot, and I’m not even left with a nice bruise…

just an inability to actually move my toes. At least it doesn’t hurt much now.
Losing at penalties against Tamworth sucked, but we all played so well so spirits were high anyway. Considering that the final would have been on the 2nd of April I guess that it was all for the best.
We have been absolutely amazing this past week. I hope UEA shiver with fear, if they’re not they should be. Hopefully we’ll whoop their arses on Wednesday. Meeting at half eight for breakfast everyone…

February 01, 2006

the sweet scent of victory

I have never felt such an adrenalin rush after winning a match as I did this week. When the final whistle went, I couldn’t stop smiling. Even though we only beat Nottingham 1 – 0 it was such a relief to actually win and keep a clean sheet, something we have found difficult these past years. It would be great if we can actually stay up…
At the moment we are in 4th position if we get an advantage over Nottingham because we beat them, which would mean that we’ll not get relegated this year. However were we to go on goal differences, Nottingham should be just ahead of us. Good news is that Nottingham is playing Loughborough as their last game, whereas we have UEA. So far Loughborough is unbeaten :)

To guarantee that we stay up we need to beat UEA on Wednesday, and I think that following our recent winning streak, we should be able to. Even a draw should be enough, but in the unlikely event that Nottingham actually wins over Loughborough it’d be nice to for once actually beat our arch-enemy from last year, even if it’s only to make the journey worth while.

So anyway, the match today has given me so much excess energy so I’ve actually done loads since I came home: I’ve cleaned my boots, tidied up my room, washed my bed covers, sent and written an e-mail, oh and I’ve actually done all my seminar work for this week. Who needs amphetamine?? Beating Nottingham has left me on such a high.

January 29, 2006


Can you guys believe it?? Today I did something that I have never done for Warwick before. I scored a goal in an actual football match. It’s such an adrenalin rush it’s unbelievable. Of course we then went on to win the match 3 – 1, which is also always really nice.
Then I actually spent something like six hours in Cholo, watching football and talking. It was really good fun. A day worth remembering.

January 20, 2006

football in skirts…anyone??

I was standing there by the bus stop, waiting for the bus in the freezing cold, when it suddenly came to me why football is considered a masculine sport. I feel a bit stupid now that I didn’t realise something that is so obvious before then. It is quite simple really…it is because we have decided to play football in shorts instead of prancing around in a skirt, like girls do in so many other sports that are considered ‘girly’, eg. netball, hockey, tennis and even lacrosse. I’m pretty certain that they play baseball in skirts as well. Indeed, guys find less amusement watching us play as we don’t have a skirt hoisted up around our waist every time we go in for a slide tackle; neither do our shorts get caught in our underwear so that the whole world can see frankly too much (à la Anna Kournikova).
Myself, I have never understood the practical aspects of doing sports in a skirt, which just leaves me with two questions…who's idea was it and, more importantly, why??

December 05, 2005

through to the semis

Warwick Uni WFC 3 – Leafield Athletic 2

So yesterday I got up at 8 in the morning just so that I could return to play in the much anticipated (well for me anyway) match against Leafield Athletic in the Birmingham League Open Cup quarter final. We were awesome, as is usual on a Sunday. Everyone played really well, including myself for once, which in my opinion led to quite an easy win against a fairly good team. Not the fact that I played well, but that everyone played well as a team.

We were up 3 – 1 after the first half thanks to goals from Hanya and Ana, and the opposition only got a second goal in the second half due to, what can only be called, an own goal by Helen :p. Well, we won anyway so it doesn’t really matter.

This time Hanya decided to put me up front again (?) which I actually quite enjoyed. It was a really good game; I think we all had a great time, which was reflected in the final score.

November 29, 2005

and what am I supposed to do now??

Right, I know I said I wanted snow for Christmas but I didn’t mean that I wanted any right now!!

-“Oh, the Tarkett pitch is frozen (yeah right, it’s not that cold!!), what shall we do?? I know…let’s close it”.

But I really wanted to play today. I had actually disconnected my computer from the mains (and the internet) and locked it away so that the temptation to blog/read my e-mails/go on msn/generally faff around wouldn’t be too great; all this so that I would have time to play football instead of revise for a test on mathematical methods on Thursday. But to what avail?? Here I am; I’m blogging because I really can’t be asked to revise any more. I have today spent 6 hours alone by my desk in my tiny room in Leam, with a closed door and without any music either I must add (because I use my computer for that), and I had lectures in the morning. So yes, I’ve been a good student today.


Not sit here by my computer contemplating (oh, big word) revising some more…

Away game tomorrow (yay!!) against Nottingham Trent. Both the first team and the second team are going on the same bus, so I think that most people will be drinking on the way back. But not me… no, not me. I’ll be joining Holly as a teetotal for the day because of this stupid test on mathematical methods mentioned earlier. Neither will I go to see 911 at Score because of this stupid and crappy test on Thursday at 10 o'clock. No, I’ll be studious and spend my evening revising for this stupid, crappy and absolutely unnecessary worth-10%-of-final-module-mark test on Thursday. Who thought of the wise idea to have a test on a Thursday morning anyway??
Did I mention that I f***ed up royally on my test on mathematical economics last Monday?? No, I don’t think I did. Well I did fuck up, but I don’t think that I mentioned it. I did think that I wasn’t going to do that well, but I didn’t realise that I was going to humiliate myself by showing my lack of knowledge in such a grandiose way. And I can’t get a mark for spelling my name correctly either because we’d been given these barcode stickers (??) to put on the front of our answer-paper. Oh well, it was only 10% anyway :s (at least that's what people keep telling me along with 'I'm sure you did better than you think you did' – err….no would be the answer to that).

So anyway, back to football. Away game tomorrow!!! It’s going to be awesome, we’re going to win (hopefully) and it’s going to be a right laugh. (Still upset that I’m not at training right now…in fact, I think I might go and stand in a corner and cry.) Tomorrow is going to be good; it’s going to be great!!! I get to play football AND miss a lecture!! Not that I never do, but at least now I have a valid excuse.

So with this entry, do you think that I can get an award for something like ‘person most likely to have a split personality’?? You can really tell my world revolves around two things at the moment, namely football and university studies. I think my heavy revision today has fried my brain; it has been permanently damaged. Luckily I know of something that will lessen the pain caused by this tragedy…football match tomorrow!!! :D

Ok I admit it, I'm weird/random/bonkers/completely sane compared to all other football girls (delete as appropriate) but at least it makes for more interesting reading…I hope.

November 20, 2005

have you heard the news??

Warwick Uni WFC 11 - Rubery FC 0

Today was so much FUN. We all played really, really well!! Although I must say that I've never properly played centre defence before it was a lot of fun. I was really enjoying myself. Congrats to everyone who scored ie. Kirsty, Ana, Tam and Amanda (I think, I lost count after 4 – 0). Well done to the whole defence and Helen who kept a clean sheet. Today we were all wicked. Let's take this confidence boost with us and look forward to the game on Wednesday against Loughborough. We are good enough to at least put up a fight..

Oh yes, Niamh was nice enough to remind me that she scored as well. Must have been the first time I've ever seen her score…how could I forget?? ;)

November 17, 2005

shall we leave the shirt–swapping for the next game perhaps??

I know that we play football, but whatever gave us the idea to start swapping shirts/tops in the middle of the union during Score yesterday?? Although I did abstain from doing so myself for a very long time (possibly due to the fact that I wasn’t that drunk for once) I gave in to the pressure after having seen Holly take her shirt off (you had no excuse whatsoever, you were sober!!) and when Chrispy started tugging at my top urging me to take it off :-O (…?). I don’t know about you but I had a brilliant night!! Think that some people may not remember that much of it though; I’m not going to mention any names… Oh and congratulations to Niamh for stealing the Kelsey’s sign, must have been really heavy to carry back to your house ;).

Once again a brilliant night with the football girls…

PS. I uploaded some photos from the evening, not all though. Ended up with about 85 photos in the end and I didn’t actually take a single one myself.

PS2. Would go into more detail about what went on, but as they say: a picture tells a thousand words… have a look for yourself.

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