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February 14, 2006

someone, somewhere loves you!!..

And so it is Valentineís Day yet again and like usual Iím single this year yet again. Can actually only remember one year when I was in a relationship on this dreaded day for all us singletons. That particular year (must have been the year I was turning 19) my boyfriend at the time couldnít even be bothered to get me a card. But then again, I didnít give him one either. Guess you could say our relationship was doomed from the start when, after just one month of going out, neither could be asked to even do this one small act. But that year was one of the few years that I didnít actually receive anything. ValentineI have in the past been given roses, and last year a friend from home sent me a massive bouquet of flowers to my corridor. But no matter how sweet a gesture that was he should know by now that nothing will ever come out of it.

It seems as though it is a tradition now for Jen, my housemate, to give me whatever I get on Valentineís Day. Last year she had to give me my flowers, because I had been out when they were delivered, and this year she gave me my card that came through the post this morning. As it was apparently sent by a secret admirer I will now eye everyone suspiciously, just to make sure that no one is trying to play a prank on me (what can I say, Iím just not that trusting), but either way itís made my day and Iím certain to go to training smiling. Yet what gets to me is that obviously this person doesnít know me well enough to be able to spell my name correctly (so I donít really have to worry that this person is reading my blog :)), but have been able to find out my address, albeit not my post code.

So anyway, tonight my housemate Yantra and I are hitting Leam big time; me to commiserate the fact that Iím single yet again (celebrate, commiserate – any excuse to drink) and Yan because her boyfriend didnít think itíd be wise for them to see each other and thus doesnít seem to understand the importance of this day to her.

On a completely different note; Boz that highlighter still hasnít properly come off. It no longer looks as though I have a relatively serious skin-condition, but I believe that if you look closely, you might still be able to make out the words Ďflatpack ikea girlí. By tonight I guarantee you though that no trace shall be left, even if it means scrubbing with turpentine.

February 03, 2006

I’ll just go and hide in the corner of shame

Why donít people stop me?? I only realised how drunk I must have been last night when I woke up this morning still pissed and completely off my face!! Please, next time just say to me: ĎI think youíve had one too manyÖí

When I look back on last night I realise that I had a lot to drink, simply because I canít actually recall all the drinks that I had (and because of the empty space looking back at me where my money used to be). I started of the evening with ĺ of a bottle of wine; then I had the equivalent of 5 shots of vodka in Five Monkeys and after that it starts to get hazy. I know I had vodka at Rainbows as well, I just canít recall how much of it :s

My hangover is starting to kick in and I feel really nauseated. I think that Iím going to hide beneath my covers and curse at myself because I always make a fool out of myself as soon as I start to drink. I talk too much about me and I confess to stuff that I donít want people to know. Funnily enough Niamh must know a lot about me now; sheís always around whenever I get ratted.

Anyway, my bed is calling me. Donít think Iíll make it to lectures somehow

January 04, 2006


Follow-up to i told myself i wouldn't do this this year from Two beds and a coffee machine

So…I didn't really last long. I ended up missing my first lecture of this term because I drank stupid amounts of vodka yesterday. Yes, very stupid amounts, say half a litre of Smirnoff Black lable. Poured my heart out to a friend, who wasn't half as drunk as I was, and told him some stuff I really shouldn't have told him. Can't really remember exactly what I said so… I couldn't do any work today because of a hangover, a really bad hangover. Sometimes it is just unbelievable how incredibly stupid I am. (Please, no one comment on that one.) So I'm going to bed now so that I can be up for my nine o'clock tomorrow.

November 07, 2005

ramblings of a sleep–deprived swede

Itís Monday, Top B and Iím not out drinkingÖ (God!! Someone please tell me, have I got a fever?? Do I look slightly pale??) Anyway, the simple truth to this abomination is just the fact that Iím not half as hardcore as I once was, all those years ago when I was just an innocent fresher, complete with halo and wings (memories, lights the corners of my mind, misty watercolour memoriesÖahem, moving on). No, I am tired; shattered to my bones. I feel like a granny complete with grey hair and dentures that pop out. It is not nice!! The only reason I am awake now is because I have realised that unless I pull myself together I will probably fail my degreeÖmiserably. So I am trying to read a book on game theory (game shows are my forte by the way before you say anything Boz), just so that I can escape the humiliation of going to my seminar this week with a look of complete clueless-ness. Like last week, and the week before that. But who would have thought that a game called Ďthe Prisonerís Dilemmaí could be so boring?? Other dilemmas are usually very interesting, like that song by Nelly and Kelly Rowland (ok went off on a tangent there).
And what do I do instead?? I spend my precious time on msn and then I write a truly inspiring piece for my blog. And then I sing along to my music, which is not Barbara Streissand, even though I did refer to one of her songs previously. Iíve got the best taste in the world, even Holly agrees. Yep, she does, donít you Holly??
I think that what Iím trying to do in my sleep-deprived ramblings is to iterate the fact that Iím not out drinking. I am staying in; Iíve got my hoodie on; endless supply of tea but no chocolate or sweets Iím afraid. Nor do I have any vodka. No, today I am teetotal. Not that I ever sit and drink vodka on my own. I may be Swedish, but contrary to everyoneís belief, I am not an alcoholic!! I wasnít the one drinking neat vodka last night, Soph. No wonder you were still drunk when you woke up this morning!! I probably would have been, but when I woke up it was already afternoon. Although, technically I was also drunk this morning, because when I went to bed it was in fact morningÖ(hmm, interesting…)

So yes, Iím here. Not at Top B, like most footballers Iím sure. No, tonight I can feel my wings growing back out; I can polish up my halo and go to bed feeling proud of myself in the knowledge that I havenít spent the x amount of hours doing work that I was intending to do.

Iím just tired. You just canít work when youíre tired, can you??

best day ever

i've just had the best day ever. i got to campus about half 12 for my footie game, at which point i was told it was cancelled. so i just randomly saw niamh, helen and janine and we decided to go and play some pool. which is basically where i spent most of my day, apart from when we decided to watch the man u vs. chelsea game in THE bar ;) (that game was awsome btw and i didn't realise ana was sooo funny..) so anyway got back from that and then i had to get ready to go to katie's birthday thingy which was such a laugh.. we ended up in boz. niamh, and sophie's house and there was this really random guy who kept coming on to me and we all thought he was really, really weird. anyway i decided to go home at which point people said i couldn't go home on my own (which was like only 3 min away btw) so boz, sophie and tam walked me back to my house and because, obviously being swedish, i had vodka they decided to stay. so now i'm writing this because they just left and i just didn't realise how hilariously funny tam was; i know boz and soph are from previous encounters but…
i'm a bit drunk as well…as they said: 'Malin is always pissed and bollocks!!!
wouldn't change this day for the world…

PS on reflection i think i must find most people really funny

October 20, 2005

you don't have to drink to do sports(?)

And so there I was again. For a third week in a row I had missed my 9 Ė 12 lectures on a Thursday and considering itís only week 4 thatís not exactly a good track record. The reason for this?? Iíll mention one word that will explain everything: SCORE!! Yes I am talking about that Score when once a week crazed sportspeople flock to the union in their dozens to take part in mindless drinking, singing and whatever other silly things one can think of. At least this year, however, they have removed THAT curtain up on the stage in the Cooler which, being of a sane mind, I promised myself never to go behind with some random bloke/rugby guy (we all know their reputation). And so with the removal of that black thing some of the meat-market which used to be Score has vanished (at least I tell myself so). All for the best Iím sureÖ
Now what is it about Score that draws us all in?? That makes us come back week after week (after week, after week, after week, after weekÖI think you get the point)?? Surely itís not the S Club 7, Dirty Dancing or ABBA medleys, nor the expensive drinks?? It canít be that we all go there in the hope to meet someone whom weíre going to spend the rest of our lives with, because honestly thatís just not Score. If you wanted that youíd go speed-dating (apologise for any offence given)! No, I think that we all go there because itís the only time weíre allowed to behave like nutters, to drink in the name of sport with other people that are attired in as silly outfits as you are without anyone bashing an eyelid (apart from when people walk around in just their swimsuits).
Thereís always a reason to drink at Score Ė you can either celebrate a victory or commiserate the fact that you lost (which isnít that common by the way). But now I ask myself: Why is it that if you donít have to drink to do sports that sportspeople are the biggest piss-heads?? Why is it that most weeks some poor fresher has to be helped/carried back to their room (there were 2 freshers from my team last night)?? And I know that I certainly was no exception last year. Iíve had first aid banging on the toilet door after having strategically passed out inside the cubicle with my head hanging over the toilet. Iíve ended up in Leam after a night out in the union when I actually lived in Jack Martin.
So anyway, last night I told myself that I wouldnít give in to pressure. Not a single drop of alcohol would pass my epiglottis; the taste-buds on my tongue would not taste that all-familiar vodka. I didnít even last an hour!! Everyone around me were slowly (or not so slowly in some cases) getting absolutely plastered and I honestly felt like an outsider, a freak of nature (honestly Holly I donít know how you do it week after week). Not that I had a lot to drink, not in accordance to how much I usually drink, but by just having that one drink in my hand, that one vodka and coke, my whole mood changed. I was once again part of all the other drunkards (albeit a completely sober drunkard) and I felt myself really enjoying Score. The music, somehow, got better, the atmosphere completely changed (maybe next time I go out I should just ask for a glass to hold; itíd be a lot cheaper). Even the Baywatch themesong sounded soooo much betterÖ
Well maybe you donít have to drink to do sports, maybe youíre one of those people who can brave Score as a teetotal but I certainly know that itís not for me. I like my drink at Score and I think that the next time I tell myself I wonít drink on a Wednesday will be when Iím sitting down comfortably in front of the TV, in my house.

October 16, 2005

alcoholic, me??

Imagine my horror when I walk into the lounge of my new house in lovely Leam (ok I might be exaggerating a tiny bitÖ) and read on the blackboard ďWho is going to be the 1st one to throw up in the vom loo??Ē. Now that doesnít sound too bad until you continued reading; underneath were listed all our names along with the odds of each and every one of us actually throwing up. Not mentioning any names (RICHARD) but someone (RICH) had put the odds on it being me at 2 to 1. It didnít exactly help either that Alexís mum (a housemate of mine, not the mum, but Alex) saw the damn thing and casually asked whether I canít keep my drinks down, at which time (of course) I just happened to walk through the lounge on my way to the kitchen in my pyjamas feeling really ill, and more to the point, looking really rough due to the fresherís flu.
Anyway, obviously appalled by this slandering, who wouldnít be? I then decided to prove them (him) wrong. And so I didÖ Was I the first one to throw up?? Oh no, RICHARD got that honour and did at the same time also manage to break the toilet seat. To be fair, the odds of Richard throwing up was 3 to 1 but that still doesnít quite make up for the fact that I was actually really mortified about people thinking that I could not handle my drink. Because I can, I just happen to sometimes not realise just how much I actually drink.
Until it hits meÖ which is usually when I wake up in the toilets because someone is banging on the door. Or when my friends have to wheel me back in a shopping trolley from tesco (something they nearly got fined for because we werenít technically allowed to take them) just because I had felt that going shopping at midnight on a Friday was the best thing ever. It would be normally; no people; nice and quiet, but not after having basically downed ĺ of a bottle of absolut vodka. Now I guess youíre asking yourself: ďWhy the hell would you ever do that??Ē And I do not blame you. It was a really stupid thing to do, but at the time it was something that I really needed to do for reasons Iím not exactly going to go into now.
So anyway, I guess the reason why I was really appalled by the whole 2 to 1 odds were that they were completely justified. I may have proved Richard wrong on this account by not being the first one to throw up but last year must have been a very good year for the union just due the amount of money I poured into the place most nights of the week. However, in my defence I will say that I didnít throw up nearly as much as is being implemented by my stories or the odds put up on the blackboard. The odds were so bad (or good whichever way you want to think of it) due to the fact that I can drink a lot of alcohol, or at least could, and would do so most nights of the week.

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