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November 27, 2005

why do we have exams anyway??

I have been informed of something crap. I won’t be able to compete for England at the Europeans this coming Easter because I have an exam. Oh, yay!! Granted, I was a bit unsure whether I actually wanted to put the time in that would have been required of me, but at least I could consider it. But now I know that there is no way that I can actually compete. So it looks like I won’t become European champion this year either then… ;)

I think that I have been cursed when it comes to me competing in Taekwon-Do. Honestly!!! My first European Championship I tore a few ligaments and tendons in my ankle (I've got proof…this is me just after it happened) during a warm-up the day before the competition started. Last year, chronic severe (yay!!) tonsillitis meant that i couldn't train at all, so even though I was well when the competition took place after Easter, the selection for the team takes place just before Christmas… Obviously this also meant that I couldn't compete at the World's that took place during the summer this year, as I wasn't in the team. Next one is not for another two years. And then this time around, I have a lovely exam to look forward to instead!! I'm cursed I tell you, cursed!! :p

Now all I have to do is to figure out how to tell the England coach, who practically begged me to come to squad training last time I saw him, that I won't be competing next year either…tusan också!!

October 24, 2005

drunken master II

It was such a shame. I was really (honestly) looking forward to fight on the Sunday. I haven't actually properly sparred since last year, so it would have been an experience. However, my team of 3 was drafted against Scotland, which by the way does include 3 times World Champion Julia Cross who I mentioned last time. Being the shortest out of the whole team, it was decided that I would go up last, as in team sparring height is definitely an advantage. Then it just happened that my two other team mates lost their fights and thus I didn't get to fight :( If I had I would probably been up against the -52 kg Scottish National fighter Michelle, who, I believe so anyway, I could have beaten.
The day ended on a good note though as I was practically begged (can you believe it!!) to come to National Squad training sessions so that I could be a part of the team once again. This will, however, mean that I'll have to cut down on my alcohol intake. I have also been asked to diet down so that I could fight -52 kg (which is something like 8 stones and 2 pounds, I think), which I am seriously considering. So if you see me longingly looking at chocolate, chips, pizza, sweets, alcohol etc. you'll know that I've made up my mind. I have until middle of December to drop down so wish me good luck. I guess that now the title 'Drunken Master' won't any longer apply to me, as I will no longer drink to my heart's content. Next time you see me out it will be a new soberer me…

(Oh by the way, I didn't get to fight Julia, Steph got that honour. At least this time she didn't end up with a nose-bleed like last time she fought her. :p Also I think that I should mention that 'Drunken Master' is a film starring a young Jackie Chan, I didn't just make it up)

October 22, 2005

drunken master

So there I was, my first Taekwon-Do competition in over a year. In fact, the last competition I partook in was the European Championships in Tampere, Finland. Although having some success in that one, it was all overshadowed by me tearing a ligament in my right foot the day before the competition was due to commence. And then of course my tonsillitis meant that i couldn't train for a while…
Imagine my nerves when I woke up this morning. I wasn’t sure I could even remember my patterns any longer, and to make matters worse this was no ordinary competition. It was the European Cup!! I felt like I had something to prove; I wanted to regain my position in the English National Team and this weekend was my chance to show my instructor that I indeed am the best in England at first degree patterns. I could not stop shaking…I felt like I had elephants performing a tango in my stomach (however they would have got in there is another question).
This morning I left my parents’ house at quarter past seven. I was tired, I was hungry and all I wanted was for the day to be over. We got to the leisure centre in Crawley, West Sussex, at about 8 o’clock at which time I started practicing my patterns, all 12 of them. My first pattern in the ring was awful, I lost my balance, I did a wrong move (which of course would give me zero marks for that pattern, if the referees saw it, and would mean a sure loss). Not wanting to offend her, but that girl I was up against must have been shit because after having drawn with her I had to perform another pattern, which gave me the victory. I was through to the next round, which I won comfortably. However, making a wrong move (AGAIN!!) in the semis meant that I lost 3–2 and had to settle for a bronze. A lot better than any of the other English girls parading around in their England doboks, like they’re shit-hot (am I the only one who feel that you have to be really, really good, basically unbeatable, to do that??), but I know that if I had only done a bit more training then I would have had that gold. I don’t know if this says something about the standard of the females competing or if I’m just really, really good?! ;)
My team won the team patterns very comfortably, crushing our opposition to take the gold medal, and we actually managed to have a laugh at the same time. Obviously not during out pattern, that is very serious matter. Well, for some at least…
So first day of the competition and I came away with a gold and a bronze. Tomorrow is team sparring and all I hope is that I don’t have to go up against 3 times World Champion Julia Cross. Apart from her, no one should be able to beat me to something resembling a slaughtered pig. I guess that we’ll just have to see.

To be continued…

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