January 12, 2006

The colour purple

Shockingly enough Iím not at Score today. Well Iím not at Score for the second week in a row, and I doubt that Iíll be showing my face there at all this term. Why?? Well, Iím simply tired of being tired and unfortunately for me, and for the union, I have my only nine oíclock on a Thursday and I plan to make every single one.
So I had no match today and I didnít go to Score. So what was there for me to do but to go to Birmingham for some shopping?? It was good; I had some sushi and I bought myself a new bag. Oh, and I decided to dye my hair as well. My friend and I were a bit bored and it seemed like such a good idea to dye it a nice bright plum colour. Yup, that does mean purple. Itís not too obvious, apart from it being purple, but itís something different.

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  1. isn't your hair blonde? eek @ the purple

    12 Jan 2006, 01:42



    12 Jan 2006, 15:20

  3. Ooooo sounds wicked! I had purple hair once….....long story

    12 Jan 2006, 16:25

  4. hey, it's not as bad as it sounds. it's sort of purpely brown and it's not all of my hair. most of it is still blonde; as i said it's not that obvious

    12 Jan 2006, 18:40

  5. awww, so we still have our blonde swede in the football team!

    13 Jan 2006, 10:33

  6. yeah…amanda…

    13 Jan 2006, 17:44

  7. let me rephrase that.

    We still have our god-damned-scary-taekwondo-maniac-blonde swede in the football team!

    13 Jan 2006, 18:25

  8. hmm i wouldn't have thought that i was that scary…

    14 Jan 2006, 13:05

  9. that may be true, i was just trying to define between you and amanda!! Oh well

    14 Jan 2006, 18:36

  10. as the president i like to set a standard, now malin, my little icon-bumping-in-to-loving-the-chavness-friend, i have made EVERYONE of my 9 oclocks since the start of this year, thats right, i have never missed a 9am on a thursday. Now if i can dooooo it, so can you, im passing on the torch malin, show the freshers how to do, COME TO SCORE AND GET BLADDERED!

    16 Jan 2006, 21:31

  11. hmm, well…yes i was considering coming to the army social on wednesday but just as last year i don't really have anything to wear…yet

    21 Jan 2006, 00:11

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