November 07, 2005

ramblings of a sleep–deprived swede

Itís Monday, Top B and Iím not out drinkingÖ (God!! Someone please tell me, have I got a fever?? Do I look slightly pale??) Anyway, the simple truth to this abomination is just the fact that Iím not half as hardcore as I once was, all those years ago when I was just an innocent fresher, complete with halo and wings (memories, lights the corners of my mind, misty watercolour memoriesÖahem, moving on). No, I am tired; shattered to my bones. I feel like a granny complete with grey hair and dentures that pop out. It is not nice!! The only reason I am awake now is because I have realised that unless I pull myself together I will probably fail my degreeÖmiserably. So I am trying to read a book on game theory (game shows are my forte by the way before you say anything Boz), just so that I can escape the humiliation of going to my seminar this week with a look of complete clueless-ness. Like last week, and the week before that. But who would have thought that a game called Ďthe Prisonerís Dilemmaí could be so boring?? Other dilemmas are usually very interesting, like that song by Nelly and Kelly Rowland (ok went off on a tangent there).
And what do I do instead?? I spend my precious time on msn and then I write a truly inspiring piece for my blog. And then I sing along to my music, which is not Barbara Streissand, even though I did refer to one of her songs previously. Iíve got the best taste in the world, even Holly agrees. Yep, she does, donít you Holly??
I think that what Iím trying to do in my sleep-deprived ramblings is to iterate the fact that Iím not out drinking. I am staying in; Iíve got my hoodie on; endless supply of tea but no chocolate or sweets Iím afraid. Nor do I have any vodka. No, today I am teetotal. Not that I ever sit and drink vodka on my own. I may be Swedish, but contrary to everyoneís belief, I am not an alcoholic!! I wasnít the one drinking neat vodka last night, Soph. No wonder you were still drunk when you woke up this morning!! I probably would have been, but when I woke up it was already afternoon. Although, technically I was also drunk this morning, because when I went to bed it was in fact morningÖ(hmm, interesting…)

So yes, Iím here. Not at Top B, like most footballers Iím sure. No, tonight I can feel my wings growing back out; I can polish up my halo and go to bed feeling proud of myself in the knowledge that I havenít spent the x amount of hours doing work that I was intending to do.

Iím just tired. You just canít work when youíre tired, can you??

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  1. Um, yeah, what am I agreeing to?

    It's 1.23am...

    08 Nov 2005, 01:22

  2. mabloblin

    08 Nov 2005, 18:18

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