March 09, 2006

nocturnal is the only way to go

Some of you who know me, and some of you who donít but are on my course, know that I had a huge project due in on linear regression this Thursday of week 10. Thinking I was being organised, and in an attempt to finish the assignment well before time, I actually started this thing about 2 weeks ago. Seeing as the assignment was only given out in week 7, Iíd day that this was pretty good going. Yet here I amÖ
I woke up this evening after a short nap, thinking I was hearing the voices of friends of mine from my course. I could clearly hear Neera say a favourite line of hers: ĎI donít understandí followed by Lucyís and Mattís laughter. Thinking to myself Ďwhat the hell are they doing here??!!í I dragged myself downstairs only to find out that they had only been a figment of my imagination; they were nowhere to be seen. I felt very confused, until I realised that it must be a side effect of a sleep-deprivation I have never felt before. In all honesty Iím surprised Iím still standing, metaphorically speaking. My brain feels as though it's trying to force its way out through my skull, all my muscles ache. Since getting up at quarter past 6 Monday morning Iíve had a total of 8 hours sleep. That means Iíve been awake for 62.5 hours out of a possible 70.5 hours, and I'm still awake. This blog entry is written to commemorate the 3 all-nighters Iíve had in a row. Iíve just handed in my assignment, but unfortunately the buses donít run after 20 past one on weekdays, so I guess Iím stuck here on campus. The first bus back to Leam is not until 10 to eight, which means that I'll probably be back home by half past. Crap, that means I will have been awake about 66 hours out of possible 74. All I can say is that Iíd better get a good mark for this thing; might actually kill someone if I donít, or break down and cryÖone of the two.

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