February 03, 2006

I’ll just go and hide in the corner of shame

Why donít people stop me?? I only realised how drunk I must have been last night when I woke up this morning still pissed and completely off my face!! Please, next time just say to me: ĎI think youíve had one too manyÖí

When I look back on last night I realise that I had a lot to drink, simply because I canít actually recall all the drinks that I had (and because of the empty space looking back at me where my money used to be). I started of the evening with ĺ of a bottle of wine; then I had the equivalent of 5 shots of vodka in Five Monkeys and after that it starts to get hazy. I know I had vodka at Rainbows as well, I just canít recall how much of it :s

My hangover is starting to kick in and I feel really nauseated. I think that Iím going to hide beneath my covers and curse at myself because I always make a fool out of myself as soon as I start to drink. I talk too much about me and I confess to stuff that I donít want people to know. Funnily enough Niamh must know a lot about me now; sheís always around whenever I get ratted.

Anyway, my bed is calling me. Donít think Iíll make it to lectures somehow

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  1. chill out agnetha, as i said to you last night which you obviosuly dont remember, there's nothing more admirable than people who actually have the audacity to talk about what they feel!!
    even if they are twatted
    see you laterxxx

    03 Feb 2006, 12:46

  2. Niamh, I'm sure that comment has really helped! I will also take note to tell you exactly what I think of you when I get to training tonight mutter...stupid...mutter...hate...etc...etc
    Love you really xxx

    03 Feb 2006, 13:42

  3. If it's any help at all you were good company in the taxi.

    03 Feb 2006, 13:56

  4. er alright slips, along the same vein of the conversationWE had ALL of last night that WAS NOT resolved:
    does niamh think helen's a twat?
    a) yes
    b) yes
    c) yes
    d) yes
    do u want a 50/50?
    (love you too!)xxxxx
    malin you ledge! please start an abba tribute group and helen can be benny, boz can be bjorn i can be frida

    03 Feb 2006, 14:14

  5. dammit! knew i'd be the one with a beard!

    03 Feb 2006, 16:50

  6. god you two are weird.

    I reckon the drink was spiked last night- I had three pints and a bottle of archers aqua and that's it and I woke up this morning and rememebred that I had spent a good hour no getting in microwaving cheese and eating the sloppy mess. Nice. (Not my idea I might add)

    03 Feb 2006, 17:33

  7. the thing with having these in dept absolutely amazing conversations when you're as drunk as i was last night is the fact that you can't actually remember what was said, which brings me to my question…what the hell did i say in that taxi??

    03 Feb 2006, 18:13

  8. I'll tell you when you next see me if you're reall desperate to know. To be honest a lot of it was us listening to Moo ranting about wanting to have a party at hers.

    04 Feb 2006, 03:11

  9. shit, wish I'd been there, am only up to chapter 476 of your life story…you know, the part where the russians invaded and you single handedly defended your country with only Heidi and a mountin goat for backup.

    04 Feb 2006, 14:20

  10. Fuck's sake, I thought I was the one with the lifestory. Now Grad has my crown and I shall have to go and sit in a corner and accept my uselessness.

    04 Feb 2006, 14:55

  11. Whole bloody football team will be sat in corners soon! Holly just in 'a corner', Malin in the 'corner of shame', lets just hope this isn't a round room…........

    04 Feb 2006, 15:50

  12. Richard Roope

    Well for once I was asleep whilst Malin was no doubt struggling to comtemplate traversing our staircase. To you Malin I say be proud! Those stairs just seem to expand into eternity when you're propping yourself up at the bottom.

    Oh and I've been told you were banging around laughing at 4am when you got back; I was deep in the forest of Nod so I didn't get to hear it, much to my displeasure I'm sure!

    04 Feb 2006, 16:55

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