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November 27, 2005

why do we have exams anyway??

I have been informed of something crap. I wonít be able to compete for England at the Europeans this coming Easter because I have an exam. Oh, yay!! Granted, I was a bit unsure whether I actually wanted to put the time in that would have been required of me, but at least I could consider it. But now I know that there is no way that I can actually compete. So it looks like I wonít become European champion this year either thenÖ ;)

I think that I have been cursed when it comes to me competing in Taekwon-Do. Honestly!!! My first European Championship I tore a few ligaments and tendons in my ankle (I've got proof…this is me just after it happened) during a warm-up the day before the competition started. Last year, chronic severe (yay!!) tonsillitis meant that i couldn't train at all, so even though I was well when the competition took place after Easter, the selection for the team takes place just before Christmas… Obviously this also meant that I couldn't compete at the World's that took place during the summer this year, as I wasn't in the team. Next one is not for another two years. And then this time around, I have a lovely exam to look forward to instead!! I'm cursed I tell you, cursed!! :p

Now all I have to do is to figure out how to tell the England coach, who practically begged me to come to squad training last time I saw him, that I won't be competing next year either…tusan ocksŚ!!

killing time

I only recently realised that I havenít actually blogged for quite some time. The reason for this is relatively simple and easy to explain: I have been swamped by work. Last Wednesday I had a big, big, BIG assignment worth 30% of my mathematical programming module this year. I wasnít happy. Basically what I had to was formulate a sort of mathematical model in Excel to solve an optimality Ďproblemí this company had regarding production and investment etc. Not as bad as it sounds, honestly!! The geeky side of me quite enjoyed it really, apart from the fact that I feel I should have done it a bit better than I did because the social side of me thought that itíd be a great idea to go to Top B the Monday before it was due in :p.
Tomorrow I have a test in mathematical economics, which I donít really understand at all because my lecturer is absolutely shite!! So really I should be revising now, but I feel that Iím a lost cause anyway, so I canít actually really be bothered. Iím sure in an hour or so Iíll feel really guilty because I havenít properly revised and by then Iíll try and cram everything in, however futile that may be. I tell myself that itís only 10% anyway :s. On top of this I also have an analysis assignment due in tomorrow and then another test on mathematical methods on Thursday. Oh, the joyÖ
Canít wait till the end of term now!! Iím hanging around for a bit, so itís going to be weird to experience Leam without having any work hanging over me. Oh, apart from that exam after Christmas that I have to revise for, of course. Iím just generally looking forward to see the end of this term actually. Having 21 hours a week has nearly killed me. Trying to play football four times a week as well hasnít exactly been easy. Next term Iíll only have about 15 hours a week, which is going to be such a doss compared to this term. Although they have scheduled, stupidly enough, two lectures on a Wednesday afternoon from 13.00 to 15.00. (Whatís that about??!!) Luckily, for me, we donít have that many BUSA games next term. Only about 4 or 5, so Iíll only miss about half of my Wednesday afternoon lectures; there is no way that Iím not playing.

Anyway, enough of me ranting about my work; it doesnít really interest anyone anywayÖ least of all me

Oh, great game today against Solihull. We drew 3–3. Obviously I was stupid enough to play even for one half (I tend to neglect injuries, illnesses, etc so that I can play). Had to take lemsip and ibuprofen just so that I would be able to leave the house this morning, not because we had a houseparty last night (I didnít really drink, only some wine, vodka, cider and archersÖwhat was it people say about mixing??) but because I woke up with a throat feeling like Iíd had my tonsils taken out again for the 5th day in a row. My vision was a bit blurry, as well, so I could hardly even see the ball when I was playing :s. Lucky I wasnít in goal, hey!!
Once again, great result. Neither team deserved to lose, although we equalised in the last minute :D. Niamhís goal in the first half was absolutely awesome!!

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