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October 20, 2005

didn't I almost have it all..?

Oh the joy of not having been 'discovered' by all the football girls. It makes me feel strangely discontent the fact that I can nearly write whatever I want on this thing. If not for Holly this damn thing would be totally for me to use anonymously. As it is now I think that I had better watch out what I writeÖ:P

Todayís question: How ever did you find me Holly??

By the way, I'm eagerly awaiting the photos from 'adoptions' to come up on the website…

you don't have to drink to do sports(?)

And so there I was again. For a third week in a row I had missed my 9 Ė 12 lectures on a Thursday and considering itís only week 4 thatís not exactly a good track record. The reason for this?? Iíll mention one word that will explain everything: SCORE!! Yes I am talking about that Score when once a week crazed sportspeople flock to the union in their dozens to take part in mindless drinking, singing and whatever other silly things one can think of. At least this year, however, they have removed THAT curtain up on the stage in the Cooler which, being of a sane mind, I promised myself never to go behind with some random bloke/rugby guy (we all know their reputation). And so with the removal of that black thing some of the meat-market which used to be Score has vanished (at least I tell myself so). All for the best Iím sureÖ
Now what is it about Score that draws us all in?? That makes us come back week after week (after week, after week, after week, after weekÖI think you get the point)?? Surely itís not the S Club 7, Dirty Dancing or ABBA medleys, nor the expensive drinks?? It canít be that we all go there in the hope to meet someone whom weíre going to spend the rest of our lives with, because honestly thatís just not Score. If you wanted that youíd go speed-dating (apologise for any offence given)! No, I think that we all go there because itís the only time weíre allowed to behave like nutters, to drink in the name of sport with other people that are attired in as silly outfits as you are without anyone bashing an eyelid (apart from when people walk around in just their swimsuits).
Thereís always a reason to drink at Score Ė you can either celebrate a victory or commiserate the fact that you lost (which isnít that common by the way). But now I ask myself: Why is it that if you donít have to drink to do sports that sportspeople are the biggest piss-heads?? Why is it that most weeks some poor fresher has to be helped/carried back to their room (there were 2 freshers from my team last night)?? And I know that I certainly was no exception last year. Iíve had first aid banging on the toilet door after having strategically passed out inside the cubicle with my head hanging over the toilet. Iíve ended up in Leam after a night out in the union when I actually lived in Jack Martin.
So anyway, last night I told myself that I wouldnít give in to pressure. Not a single drop of alcohol would pass my epiglottis; the taste-buds on my tongue would not taste that all-familiar vodka. I didnít even last an hour!! Everyone around me were slowly (or not so slowly in some cases) getting absolutely plastered and I honestly felt like an outsider, a freak of nature (honestly Holly I donít know how you do it week after week). Not that I had a lot to drink, not in accordance to how much I usually drink, but by just having that one drink in my hand, that one vodka and coke, my whole mood changed. I was once again part of all the other drunkards (albeit a completely sober drunkard) and I felt myself really enjoying Score. The music, somehow, got better, the atmosphere completely changed (maybe next time I go out I should just ask for a glass to hold; itíd be a lot cheaper). Even the Baywatch themesong sounded soooo much betterÖ
Well maybe you donít have to drink to do sports, maybe youíre one of those people who can brave Score as a teetotal but I certainly know that itís not for me. I like my drink at Score and I think that the next time I tell myself I wonít drink on a Wednesday will be when Iím sitting down comfortably in front of the TV, in my house.

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