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February 07, 2006

I thought that she had crushed my foot, and I’m not even left with a nice bruise…

just an inability to actually move my toes. At least it doesn’t hurt much now.
Losing at penalties against Tamworth sucked, but we all played so well so spirits were high anyway. Considering that the final would have been on the 2nd of April I guess that it was all for the best.
We have been absolutely amazing this past week. I hope UEA shiver with fear, if they’re not they should be. Hopefully we’ll whoop their arses on Wednesday. Meeting at half eight for breakfast everyone…

killer whales have always scared me

Is there something in the water?? (or maybe in the alcohol…) I have been having these really quite odd dreams lately.

Dream no. 1
Started off with someone, who at the time I thought was James Bond (don’t ask, I don’t know either), being sent out to sea in a missile. To get back to shore he starts swimming, which is when I realise it’s actually my dad and then somehow I appear on a sailing boat. killer whalesWe then realise that my brothers are missing and the water is infested with killer whales eating people. We find my brothers, fish them up and then we get to this ‘Waterworld’ kind of city. The water is red from all the blood, people are being eaten and no one is helping them to safety; they just stand there and watch…this is when I woke up.

Dream no. 2
I get a message on my phone from someone I used to know in Sweden telling me to phone her because something has happened. When I do she tells me that the person who used to be my best friend has died. (Can’t really remember any more, think I woke up at this point)

Dream no. 3
I’m at home with my parents when my mum tells me that someone phoned me from the Uni, telling me to be at the entrance of University House at 7.30 the next day, she didn’t know why.
Me: ‘Which one?? There are 34 entrances (?) to University House.’

The next scene is of me sitting down, surrounded by ca 50 people, also sitting down. I’m talking to a woman and she wants me to play a game involving me pointing at people whilst saying their name.
Me: ‘How can I?? I don’t know anyone’s name!’
Woman: ‘You should know their names; they’re all on your course.’
Me (something along the lines of): ‘There are 150 people on my course and we share lectures with people from Maths/Econ, Maths/Physics…and Maths/Stats. MS.02 can hold 243 people (?) and our lectures are usually full (that one is certainly not true). I can’t possibly know all these people!’
Then suddenly they all start talking at once and I tell them that because they are behaving like children they can play ‘Sleeping Lions’ (it’s a children’s game) instead, but the noise just gets louder and louder until I scream (for what seems like ages) at the top of my voice (have you ever seen that episode of the OC, season 2, when Marissa’s mum asks her what’s going on in her head, and she just screams?? That’s what it was like, minus the throwing of chairs…). Then it all goes quiet, but then they’re suddenly all sat around a table, and they’re singing. I get angry at this man, who appears to be their teacher, saying that they’re meant to be playing ‘Sleeping Lions’.
Man: ‘But they don’t want to…’
And then I wake up.

Apparently dreams are meant to reflect what you’re feeling; any dream interpreters out there…?

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