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June 05, 2005

Odd Customs

Would it not be ever so nice
If you would just emerge from your guise
If you had looked me square in the eye
Instead of waving good luck! and good bye!

Obviously, Tin Soldier is waiting for something to happen. He may be waiting for a sign or an opportunity, but he is also using this to conceal the fact that he doesn't have the courage to act upon whatever clever idea he is forming in his little tin head.]

Customary Oddities

It would never be quite so queer
As sheep standing knee-deep in fear
of the Hooded-Reaper in clever disguise
While fish and urchin escape to the skies.

The Ultimate Counter

Tremble not when our sands are breached
Or if our brothers fall.
When our bells ring,
Our foes will spring
Into Jabberwock's open jaw.

This is quite a bold promise from the demi-human. Tin Soldier feigns bravery for his comrade although there still is Doubt in his heart.
Also noted is the obvious reference to the famous poem "Jabberwocky" in Through the Looking Glass (1872) by Lewis Carroll (1832 – 1898), whom Hkusfor salutes.]


By whose cruel decree must you weep so?
I shall plunge my blade into your foe
And his blood shall apologise and console.
So please cease your tears; you make me so mad
Just thinking you'll die in rust in the end.

(Feb '95)

This may be considered the prequel to The Knight is Mistaken!
The dishonoured Tin Soldier is found in tears by the big doll house and Hkusfor's D&D model demi-human comes looking for Hero opportunities.]

The Knight is Mistaken!

Where are you off to, brave sir knight?
"To rescue my lady from the serpent's bite!"
But the old snake is grey and wizened and spent!
Wound him and may you forever repent!

The theme of Mistake is popular in Hkusfor's works. There is arguement over the identity of the mysterious lady the demi-human claims to fight for. This detail confilcts with its supposed (although never officially confirmed) prequel, Empathy.]

Fight on Trueman's Field

There was a fight on Trueman's Field
where the proud king lost his mind.
And even though the witch had gone
Her Shadow stays behind.

The Tin Soldier Saga ends here. Although his intentions are admirable, TS is a coward at heart. Nevertheless, the antagonist had grown weary of him and leaves to fight another day.]

A Present for Juno

The month of May cries in denial
before the skies that rain blood and bile;
before the seas that boil and fume,
That she has not forgotten her present for June.

(Jun '95)

Hypothetically, if the gods were vengeful, they would curse even the springtime of life with everlasting damnation.]

Threat of Contamination

I am the black that greys the white,
And who feeds on their sickness, hatred and fright.
And I will not fade or erode away
Or be so threatened by the joy of day.

(May '95)

Untimely Departure

Will I be missed, if I leave this place –
Away from this rich splendor and grace?
It is less splendid than as your eyes will reveal.
For that land that that you yearn is lesser than real.

(Mar '95)


I try to pretend my eyes have failed,
That my tongue, to mouth is glued.
I try not to speak,
or cry or peep,
But he looks exactly like you.

If alternate universes can exist in a single time-space continuum, it might not be inconceivable that Doppelgängers share their existence with ours. We are as much their doubles as they are ours.]

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