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March 09, 2006

Enclosed Counters

Those who dream of taking charge
run blindly down the fold
but never hear the wise man's words
to fly in search of old.

(Mar '96)

June 17, 2005


Speak not of my will when I am in bed.
And speak not of anything you've already said.
My heart pumps polluted
blood to my brain.
But my money will go into easing my pain!

(Jun '95)

The Butcher's Inquiry

See how he runs from the madness of death
With nothing to lose or gain or have.
Where goes the knife that murders the sheep?
Towards the river to rust and weep.

(Jun '95)

Warrant for Hostility

Leave magician! Leave us in peace!
You cannot console this gentle beast.
Can you not see his distressed frown?
Go now! We have no use for a clown!

(May '95)

June 09, 2005

Hear Me!

My king will not hear of tragedy today?
But the plague has spread to the shore and bay!
Has he gone to pray? or does he brood and sigh?
I must speak today for tomorrow I die.

(June '95)

The Feverish Dragon

The dragon lost his lust for blood
But retained his fiery breath.
But in his cave, the dragon slept
And dreamt of painless death.

(June '95)

June 08, 2005

Mercy toward the Marionettes

Give them freedom! give them space!
Don't make them dance! don't make them slaves!
Take up your scissors! give them a start!
(But snip their strings and they fall apart.)


June 05, 2005


You say you've been to Hell and back
But I see nothing in your sack
Except this bloody handkerchief
I'm sure is of the Water Sylph's.

Tin Soldier triumphantly returns with the head of a faerie creature but is not proud of what he has done. He is confronted by Knight at the border gates and there he confesses his deed.]

Grotto, The Great King

Grotto the great had magic in his hair
And his kingdom grew and prospered and flared
And maidens danced and sang of praise
And the people cheared as his body laid waste.

In the celebration of the death of Grotto, Tin Soldier sees ingratitude and faithlessness. It is noted that he does not join the parade, which is the first sign of his rebellion.]

Tin Soldier is Mistaken!

Duct-tape holds my soul in place.
Without which I fall from grace.
But should this tape be less than strong,
My soul would just have been so wrong.

After the battle on Trueman's field, Knight bandages Tin Soldier's injuries. Tin Soldier feels the pain of defeat, but is more wounded by the enormity of his own weaknesses.]

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