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October 31, 2005

I'm not a Crybaby

So far I have cried three times over work complications; the first was because of Deborah Hayes, the second was because of Rob Moore, and the latest 'tear wave' fell yesterday. Yes, Jean was being sufficiently nasty to me and I just couldn't take it anymore and snapped just 2 minutes before my shift was over. What surprised me the most was how everyone came rushing to give me a hug and a kiss (just a peck from assistant manager Rob Hood) immediately after. (Yea! We're united against the bosses!) But who really calmed me down was actually Precious' mum. Precious' mum is so cool; she makes me laugh. And so yes Mrs. Waite, I will stick with the GM despite all this nonsense. I will stay on and show Jean she can't intimidate me this way >_<

October 27, 2005

Drifting Away

I suddenly find that I have been doing everything in my power to aviod uni and just about everything about it. I skip most socials, I do lunch solo, I go home straight after class.

I remember a time when I said hello to people on my course whom I studied with previously. After getting blank looks for awhile, I displayed my own blank face when I'm on screensaver mode too. People are strange, when you're a stranger. Faces look ugly when you're alone. No one remembers your name when you’re strange.

I find university attitide disappointing and altogether difficult to digest. I find junior college attitude pressured with suspicion and mistrust. I find school attitude filled with cliques and coded behaviour. And now that I'm away from Coventry I feel myself drifting from people I used to hang with. At uni, I am surrounded by people constantly but there is not one face I know. It's just that I'm always drifting.

October 17, 2005

The Lying Cow

We had a staff meeting on Sunday morning before open time – well Jean calls it a 'staff meeting' but it really is a 'all staff sans kitchen staff sans chefs meeting' (i.e. only the bar and the two waitresses were there. And Precious arrived late, leaving me to brave the woman alone for the first 3/4 hour).

What was unfair and totally out of order was Jean blaming the kitchen in front of the bar. How could she!! I wanted to retort but I was too much a wimp. After telling Rob and Dan about it, Rob said he'll sort her out – since Rob is, like it or not, still kitchen manager and so if Jean has anything to say, she can say it to his face.

We took in just over £2000 in food yesterday. On that note, I cannot understand how Jean can still say we've got a leaking bucket financial situation. Plus, she lied when she said her son, as KM in another pub is taking in way over what we are doing now because Rob spoke to her son and the bloke said they take in less than the Green Man any day.

Still, the meeting was still good in the sense that we got to tell her about what we feel about her, and what it's doing to us. One thing I do understand is that she is brought in by head office to whip us back onto profit-making track. I just wonder if she'll do us good by yelling at us all the time because although I do not know what the problem with the GM is, I do not think that it lies in its staff.

October 10, 2005

2nd Impression of Hell

According to the others in the kitchen, Jean complimented me at least 6 times when I worked with her on Sunday. Dan says that she blatantly favours Precious and I over all the rest of the lads.
The strange truth is I actually like working with her breathing down my neck. It makes me feel that it is actually worth putting effort in work. In fact, I feel like I'm back in the day when Deborah Hayes the Able but Nasty was manager.

Rob and Alan are getting along very well ever since we found out Alan used to be band management crew and for a time worked sorting out F. Mercury's band before he came down to pub management level. And since Rob is a #1 Queen fan, he has finally found a brother in the workplace. Apparently, Jean and Alan are Ember Inns' trump cards and since Frank and Matt (supposedly) devastated the GM's profits, Ember has now called in them two to shape us up.

Precious and I have decided we will stay on after all because, the bottom line is, it takes too long to look for other work now.

October 03, 2005

New Management

The new management at the GM is a husband-and-wife team. Jean bit everyone's head off yesterday. She even had a go at Alan, in front of us! There came a point when Rob told the woman to stop shouting at him because it would only make him less inclined to hurry. The way I see it is that she has too little faith in people. If she would just let us do our jobs, everything will be fine because we are most definitely not the incompetent fools she thinks we are. The bar tells me that she is just trying to let us know who's boss but that she overdid it and now everyone is just not motivated to work anymore. In fact, she told me to sell Rhubarb Crumbles as Caramel Apple Tarts, claiming that customers will not know the difference, and told the bar to recycle larger! She told me and Precious to stop working against each other when she clearly cannot cooperate with her husband at all. There were numerous occasions when Alan told her to leave the kitchen alone because we were already doing everything we were supposed to do but Jean merely raised her voice even higher.
Dan says he prefers I stop working weekends altogether because if he sees the manager lash out at me again, he'll do her in for real.

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