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September 30, 2005

Bad Luck?

Dan's flat got broken into on Wednesday. Cash, a laptop, a digital camera, a thumbdrive and a badass calculator went missing. The telly was unplugged but they decided not to take it. The stereos and VCRs were also left alone. Dan and Dirk saw this as very peculiar for it was as if the burgulars knew what they were looking for…
The police came half an hour later and a copper came up to look at the flat. The forensics came in the morning to take pictures and do other CSI stuff.
Dan and Dirk tidied the house in the afternoon. They threw the old sofa set onto the grass facing Shannon road. Dan is persuading his dad to build him a bookshelf.

I went to complain against my landlord yesterday. The Students' Union peops were very understanding and helpful and I do think that I am finally getting somewhere.

I am afraid to go back to work on Saturday. The new management is unreasonably strict and rigid and we are all now rulebound. I hope Dan is cool with the manager today because he rushed out of the kitchen on Wednesday without telling the woman.

Paul is in alot of trouble now because he owes certain people alot of money. Dan says he has put himself in potential mortal danger. I fear for him.

Rob is kitchen manager now and if Dan decides to stay, he is likely to be made assistant kitchen manager. The new management sacked Tamar but is apparently letting Mike MacD stay. I think it ironic but Dan supports their decision. If Dan accepts the role of assistant kitchen manager, he will be looking at a 60 – 70 hour work week. He isn't too sure of that because he needs rest too…

September 26, 2005

Green Man Kitchen Revamp?

It has been approximately three weeks since Scott has been sacked. Paul lost custody of his kid and he stopped coming to work after he and Gina broke up. Frank is gone and Matt leaves today. Precious has decided she would quit the french restuarant and come back to the GM after all since the GM offers more work hours although the tips we get are absolutely worthless. Kitchen costs are still high, apparently, and the top management peops are coming in today to size up the stiuation. We think they are going to sack all the chefs and bring in their own M & B staff. Rob is trying to fight them.
This summer has left me absolutely nackered. But I have learnt to calm down the Angry and work around the Pissed. For the next five days you will never catch me saying, "Is everything alright? I see, so what would you like me to do about it?"; "I'm sorry you didn't like that. Can I get you anything else?"; "Is this finished? Sorry mate, just checking."
Ugh! I know Matt put me on from noon til eleven this coming Saturday. I hope Rob orders enough stuff to last until the weekend.

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