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July 25, 2005

Please Don't Hate the Kitchen.

Paul didn't come in for work at all. Andrew was on his own from 10 a.m. and Robert, who was supposed to be off today, crashed in at noon and we only started serving Sunday lunches at 1 p.m. Scott was late, as usual, but I think I sympathise with him, although I do know that Paul is a single parent and his daughter is still very very young. Robert left the kitchen to Scottie then. Scott has been working this past week with a fever building up and I really worry for him. I think that although I've been working with Robert for longer hours, I understand Scott more.

As the day wore on, the kitchen ran out of soup, ham, tuna (because no one had time to make any more), cod (although we managed to forcefully defrost a few towards the end), gammon (also meaning no mixed grills either), stir fry (so no chicken shitake or minted lambs), salad (lots of other things on the menu we couldn't do) and we had no chocolate cheesecakes. Anthony also had to refund some thirty quid worth of food because people were tired of waiting (more than an hour) for their food. So in a word, the kitchen was properly slammed and gutted today. What can I say? I mean, we were seriously working hard to make things work out right.

Today is the third day I did a thirteen hour shift (11:30 a.m. to 09:00 p.m. for the kitchen, 09:00 p.m. to 12:30 a.m. for the bar). I think that by working with the bar, I get to experience how tough it is to be bar staff. The truth is, in the worst times (i.e. half an hour before last orders for food everyday) the chefs seriously hate the bar (for making them do special taliored orders) and the bar properly loaths the chefs (for always telling them they're crap).

It was still raining when we locked up. Matthew, Sabrina and I were in Anthony's car since we needed a lift home, Sarah was waiting for her Mom to come pick her up. I told Anthony I was sorry he had to give so many refunds today.

Anthony: "For what? It's not your fault. Don't worry about it."
Sarah: "Aww, you think about that? That's really sweet, Wai."
Me: "In any case, please don't think badly of Scott either."
Matthew: "All I can think is what a bad manager Frank is. Debbie'd never stands for this."

Perhaps not, but then Debbie would probably sack Paul and Scott staight away too. And what would become of the kitchen then?

July 18, 2005

Begone, Horrible World

Scott commented I am getting more hardcore everyday. I don't disagree. It's just that the people I see is making me moody. Karen says the kitchen turns us all a little mad after a while.

Two new chefs, Richard and Michael, came into the Green Man on Saturday because both Scott and Paul needed time off that day and yesterday. Richard specialises in Mexican food. On Sunday, I managed to get Richard to buy me a drink. I think I will go to Mike next and when I've exhausted the circle I'll start with Robert again. I asked Rich how degrading it feels to be reduced to reheating plastic packs of Rourquefort Tortellini after having acquried more than 15 years of culinary experience from all over Europe. The man just smiled wryly and said the irony is killing him.

Robert says he's telling on Scott if he comes in late again today. The thing is, Scott and Paul are great chefs. I just don't get how they almost always manage to get themselves held up for work.

I got myself a little more leather from the Priory Square today. When I'm richer I will get the shiny stuff too. I don't know why but I keep getting chatted up by the most random kind of people. I was sitting alone, sipping on a milkshake in front of St. Philip's Cathedral when this bloke came up and showed me his precious art collection (he colours the black and white pages in old Marvel comic books). I told him to watch out for himself and advised he try to break out of manic consumerism. After showing I was even more messed up than he was, he scurried away like a confused ferret. I then finished my milkshake in peace and caught the bus home.

Tomorrow I will man the restaurant alone again. Fortunately, I can always bribe James into leading me a hand by offering him candy. Besides, the manager has put Precious in with me this coming Friday, Saturday and Sunday so there you go. I have already learned to wire my public relations smile on my lips so I reckon I'll survive just fine, and hopefully get a pound tip from someone too. I also hope Mr. Smoking Anorexic Crackpot comes in tomorrow. He is the only complete stranger I am putting up this amazing front for. Oh yes I hear your screams, "Whore!" Haha, perhaps I am. I am so sold to the real world.

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