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June 09, 2005

(I'm just a stinking copycat)

Writing about Everything you Ever Wanted to Know from The quiescent life of Chris

Ten Random things about me:

1. I got my first kiss before I turned twenty.
2. I got my first kiss after I turned nineteen.
3. I was administered alcohol for the first time in the Easter of 2005 at a posh Italian restaurant
4. I immediately transmogrify into a hyena when drunk.
5. I am nearly blind thanks to chronic pixel addiction.
6. I am nearly deaf thanks to screamos.
7. I nearly died from Dengue Fever.
8. I've rarely been ill since surviving dengue.
9. I was exempted from most booster injections in my school years.
10. I make it my personal mission to find a way to marry Cloud Strife.

Nine Ways to Win my Heart:

1. Let me play football with you.
2. Show me you can spend even less money than I do.
3. Say you think bread and butter is cool.
4. Make it your personal mission to try to improve my I.Q.
5. Perform a serenade in the form of a series of tuneful screams.
6. Feel happy to see me.
7. Wear boots.
8. Wear black.
9. Wear a cape.

Eight Things I want to do before I Die:

1. Hike to Stonehenge for summer solstice.
2. Climb a tree.
3. Flip some completely random person off.
4. Go to a Manson gig.
5. Learn to speak a third language.
6. Learn to swim.
7. Conquer motion sickness.
8. Remind people to come to my funeral.

Seven Ways to Annoy me:

1. Make fun of my friends.
2. Make fun of the handicapped.
3. Pour all your energy into your mobile when I'm trying to talk to you.
4. Being wasteful.
5. Being cruel to animals.
6. Neglect to tell me I'm wrong.
7. Die on me.

Six Things I believe in:

1. Death
2. Inner peace
3. Birth control
4. Justice
4. Doppelgängers
5. Nessie

Five Things I'm Afraid Of:

1. Death
2. Growing up
3. Losing my wallet
4. Being trampled on
5. Being hated

Four Favorite Things in my Room:

1. my pencils
2. my scissors
3. my earphones
4. my laptop

Three Things I do Everyday:

1. check my pulse
2. check the date
3. smile

Two Things I want to do right Now:

1. hike to Stonehenge for summer solstice.
2. be Batman's sidekick.

One Person I Want to See Right Now:

1. my bro

June 08, 2005

Loss of Me

At 22 00 hours, Batman rang to say I can't be his sidekick. Nothing sucks more than being in 'banned' status.

Mercy toward the Marionettes

Give them freedom! give them space!
Don't make them dance! don't make them slaves!
Take up your scissors! give them a start!
(But snip their strings and they fall apart.)


June 07, 2005


Pastures In The Sky
Published by Pomegranate Artbooks
Bow 6099, Rohnert Park, California 94927 in association with Curved Space UK Ltd. and Increfible Images Inc., 1993
Illusrations and text copywrighted 1993 Pactrick Woodroffe


Ask not to change your given place
To trade your plumage or your face,
For when such change becomes contagious
The consequence can prove outrageous!


If things could be the way they aren’t
And get the things they think they want,
They’s still be bored with what they’d got
And changing places quite a lot.


Who is God, if he’s not the Sun?
Heaven knows! said the hedgebank nun.


Writing about web page

“Put out my thousand eyes,” said the locust, “for I cannot watch a thousand locusts die.”
“Kill me now,” said the last fairy, “for I cannot kill myself.”
The rainbow broke in the sky.
No rain, no hail, no snow. The long-dead forests burned in root and branch, the last snail baked within his house.


“Where are your flocks?” cried Malice to the good sheperd, for all his clouds had gone astray.
“The rainbow's broken in the sky, your kingdom is dead from end to end. Beltempest sleep forever.”


So bring thy ploughshare – let us forge
A sword for England and St. George.
Thy pruning hook I’ll borrow
To make an arrow.

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