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June 20, 2005


22 15 hours. Batman has infiltrated Stonehenge. Not a guard nor druid in sight. Flapjack supply still going strong.


Consuming too much of a good thing is the worst thing you can do to yourself. The track-repeat function on winamp is the bane of my existence. The wine glass is probably the most brilliant vessel ever to be mass-produced because one glass of alcohol is just the right amount to get me high but not deadly enough to turn me into a hyena. I went to the Green Man to see him yesterday. And he looked so happy to see me…

On 19–06-05, 11 48 hours, time froze. It did. My mind is trapped in that moment of yesterday with no hope of release until, perhaps, I don't know…

I pretended I didn't see him and talked to Precious instead. Why did I do that? Why do I keep doing that? Sometimes, I wish he would ask me. Probably then I'd know. He gives me so much grief, it's infuriating.

June 18, 2005

Welcome to the Apocalypse

Writing about Tony Kushner's Angels in America (2003) (mini)

I've just stumbled upon this since I was into the whole Are You There God I Mean Um Really thing ever since Jostein Gaarder's Through a Glass, Darkly (1993), Gainax's Neon Genesis Evangelion (1995) and Kevin Smith's Dogma (1999) and all the rest that spues out of it. Now, the funny thing is that I started by watching disc 2 of part one first (silly little mis-download) and as of this moment, I have only watched three of the four discs (the one I've yet to watch is the last installment which marks its end).

Now, the second thing I need to declare is that I am now fiercely terrified of, if they do exist and I sure hope they don't, angels. Yes there is a thing in the air! A thing! So if this is a bulletin board that Heaven can somehow read, then let it be known that I solemnly beg to be spared, at least within my lifetime, from seeing, hearing, reading and/or knowing about angel(s) decending upon earth.

The Angel:
Surely you see towards what we are progressing before life on earth becomes finally merely impossible it will for a long time before have become completely unbearable!
You have driven him away! You must Stop Moving! You cannot understand; you can only destroy! You do not advance; you only trample!
Poor blind children abandoned on the earth groping terrified misguided over fields of slaughter over bodies slain!
There is no zion save where you are. If you cannot find your heart's desire in your own backyard you never lost it to begin with.
Turn back!
Til he returns again!

Thirdly, it is about Lou. At the end of part two disc 1, Lou is stuck in a pretty dilemmatic situation. For the moment we put aside the issue of how he ended up so trapped (and I am sure we all have our own petty opinions on this) and focus on the dilemma per se. For my selfish sake of seeing more SA goodness, I narrow the question to:

Will It Be Joseph Or Prior?

Now, surely Prior deserves Lou more than Lou deserves Prior. But because the vote of decent human compassion demands it, Lou really ought to find it in his heart to go back to Prior! And for all I know since he's the word processor wiz, he could make himself useful by becoming the official scribe of the Prophet of Death!

At this stage, it may seem ludicrous that Joe has any chance, but then think about it this way: Joe has imprisoned himself in this good, ethical, Mormon shell for over two decades, believing that so long as he does what is right, he will be free of sin. With Deception building up and eating away his heart, Joseph has only chosen to deviate at the very last moment before he is crushed by his own nervous breakdown. In a way, he is actually more ill than we see him as. In a way, he is actually more ill than Prior and Roy put together. Is this still ludicrous then? Is it still ludicrous to think that Joseph may actually deserve to keep Lou?

Two of your friends are very very sick, Lou. Who will you choose to save?

According the famous dictum attributed to G.B. Shaw, "Life is a comedy to those who think and a tragedy to those who feel". Kushner's Angels is both, and profoundly political as well. It has been four days and still I dare not watch the ending.

June 17, 2005


Speak not of my will when I am in bed.
And speak not of anything you've already said.
My heart pumps polluted
blood to my brain.
But my money will go into easing my pain!

(Jun '95)

The Butcher's Inquiry

See how he runs from the madness of death
With nothing to lose or gain or have.
Where goes the knife that murders the sheep?
Towards the river to rust and weep.

(Jun '95)

Warrant for Hostility

Leave magician! Leave us in peace!
You cannot console this gentle beast.
Can you not see his distressed frown?
Go now! We have no use for a clown!

(May '95)

June 15, 2005

Memory of an awesome TV Moment

Some things in our past stay with us at the back of our heads and don't surface until something triggers it.

When I was talking to the dark knight, I thought that the first anime I saw was Dragonball, then I remembered something even earlier – Tenchimuyo, then I thought again and remembered that it was actually the OAV of Record of Lodoss War. I must have been 10 years old then, so the entire theme of war was just too complicated for me to comprehend and the dubbing merely contributed to my confusion (fansubs are your best friend; never trust dubbing). I can't remember the story but the one thing I took away from it was the image of a badly injured Parn holding an unconcious Deelit in his arms against a burning background.

I was ten years' old. That picture just blew me away.

June 10, 2005

Who Do You Call…?

At 02 10 hours, Catwoman held me at mobile gun point to acquire a special price National Express ticket to London (central) at £10.80 (usual price £13.50) for the bus leaving at 07:50 hours today from the uni bus-stop.

June 09, 2005

Hear Me!

My king will not hear of tragedy today?
But the plague has spread to the shore and bay!
Has he gone to pray? or does he brood and sigh?
I must speak today for tomorrow I die.

(June '95)

The Feverish Dragon

The dragon lost his lust for blood
But retained his fiery breath.
But in his cave, the dragon slept
And dreamt of painless death.

(June '95)

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