December 01, 2005


At long last it is the end of the term and the start of the X'mas break! Over these 10 weeks I have collected evidence on the following crime:

I don't study because I –

1. spend 4 hours each day commited to commute between study locations
2. spend the odd hour on some days commited to commute between study and non-study locations
3. have neighbours coming over to throw impromtu Legalize Cannibis socials
4. need to amass £4.85-an-hour hours over every weekend
5. shiver too much from the cold
6. ritualistically inspect Tesco shelves for <£0.50 biscuits
7. require literary supplement from The Grocer, The Economist and The Science of Discworld
8. attend self-improvement classes to feel awful about myself
9. sudoku (but not religiously anymore!)

I also have data on my spending habits:
1. £4X on food and drink (and biscuits)
2. £4XX on non-food-and-drink items (of which £2XX is on transport, of which £174 is on a travel pass I lost in week 7)

But I have earned just enough to leave me cleanly debt free…! (...sans the four figure sum Mom calmly paid the uni in tuition fees on my behalf)

Furthermore, I survived the term without:
1. touching my laptop (this still makes me laugh)
2. eating more than a meal per day (henceforth may biscuits be praised!!)
3. buying textbooks
4. tips from working over the summer of '05
5. CDs and mp3s
6. watching anime
7. worshiping/preaching the temple of Cloud Strife
8. £174 travel pass (only from week 7)
9. touching my digital camera
10. touching my graphing calculator
11. my scientific calculator (only from week 8)
12. my kickass pencil sharpener (it broke before the term started)

Things I regret over the weeks:
1. I wasn't studious on the train
2. neglecting physical exercise
3. neglecting my c.v.
4. speaking little to uni friends
5. having to use the rubbish pencil sharpener in the library
6. losing my tips
7. losing my travel pass (I must have said this three times now)
8. losing my scientific calculator (this should not have happened!!!)
9. self-brought addiction to biscuits

Hence my Spring Term resolution is to:
1. study on the train
2. study in uni every Mon to Fri for at least 4 hours a day
3. engage in after-dinner-revision
3. hoard money (and my travel pass!!)
4. eat less biscuits ( a certain reasonable extent!)

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  1. Gorgor

    you sound like you're on a permanent diet… you really have to eat properly dear. Health is wealth – actions at present may have reprecussions in future.

    With love.

    02 Dec 2005, 16:30

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