May 24, 2005


er~~first time take a glance to the warwick blog, and its amazing that i actually decide to creat one for myself. havent found out how most of the things work on this blog. nevertheless, i am quite patient and happy to wandering around here.
the exams are gonna start properly by tomorrow, the next 2 weeks will be quite crucial as a way of checking how well i ve been doing.but the thing that happening to me now is if i take on any more revisions, im gonna puke onto myself.
since i really dont want to get puked, i decided to do something else. meditating, maybe, its rather a splendid word to use. i think "day dreaming" suits me better. i dont just simply dream, sometimes i even "dream walk". like i did once on sunday…until now, i think i have almost come back from imaginary world. all the consequences are simple, i dont think i will make it any more, loads consolations from friends(coz they knew it would never happen), and from me to myself, the word naive keeps jump out of my mind, and occupying a long time… maybe the worst one would be im gonna screw my exams.
but nevermind, as my warwick blog has borned today, at least im having gud mood for now. wish every1 do well in theirs exams~~

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