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July 26, 2006

Jude Sutherland

Jude William Sutherland, born at home on the 18th of July, weighing 7lb 5oz.

Jude William Sutherland

What to do with your blog when you're on leave

Writing about web page

Via Ewen McIntosh I came across this nice little post on 7 Things to Do with your Blog when you take a Vacation.

But what about when your leave is paternity leave, which I'm currently enjoying after the birth last Tuesday, July 18th, of our little Jude? For Steven Berlin Johnson, whose third son Dean was born the day after Jude, it's a post to earn your baby some GoogleJuice when they're still getting used to breast milk. See Dean :

In a strange way, getting to meet him the first time yesterday seemed even more moving than it was with the first two. With your first child, it's just so impossible to imagine that they're going to grow into a little person with such vivid, distinct characteristics. With the second child — particularly if he/she is the same sex as the first — you kind of assume that he's just going to be variation on the theme of the first one. But our two boys are just amazingly different in so many ways now, and so when I saw Dean for the first time, I felt this incredible surge of curiosity: so what are you going to be like? I'm titling this post "Dean" for Google's sake. I think it would be most excellent if everyone would link to this page, and drive this post up Google's results for the word "Dean." I think it would help him get a head start in the world to have a lot of pagerank right out of the gate. So instead of sending flowers or food baskets, just link…

Well, as it's obviously for the good of the child, I'll devote my next post, and my last for a good while, to our new and loved Jude William Sutherland.

July 12, 2006

Reboot the Beeb

Writing about web page

This is a site to get lost in full of signposts to a very near future. The brief for this competition to completely reimagine and re–design the BBC homepage was pretty much as follows:

We want to allow Internet users to go into their own BBC space containing all the content they're interested in, all the TV shows they like and all the things they've played with on the Web. We need to come up with a personalised BBC homepage that will provide users with a starting place for their journey through BBC content and beyond.

As a summary of what's working well and gaining ground on the web it's fascinating. Personalisation abounds. Widgets and aggregates. Embedded media players playing your selections gain more prominence. The spaces imagined allow users to feed external content of their choosing into the hallowed BBC internet foyer. The 'user' is in charge.

Are there any lessons in here for online learning spaces?

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