March 25, 2006


So for the first time in 4 years I had to miss a competition this weekend(family commitments!), so I sent the squad off to Bath this weekend for the penultimate competition of the season.

Well I've just received the news that they only went and won!

So well done all, especially Jenny for her brilliant stand-in captaining and Gareth, for whom this was the first venture into the A team. The usual plaudits go to my stalwarts Jim and Louise.

So now we're 8 points clear, so technically we can still finish in second place in the league (if Birmingham win at the competition in May and we finish outside the top 9 then we'll end up one point behind them) but this has done no harm to our chances!

Does make one feel a bit redundant when your squad goes and wins without you though!...

Well Done all

March 20, 2006

Job Done

Not very interesting to anyone, but I'VE FINISHED MY PROJECT.

Actually much to my housemate's disgust I finished it a fair while ago due to the Math's departments very kind decision to give me one of the first presentations of the year, but this afternoon, after some nice proof-reading I converted it to pdf (hope of all hopes this was the correct thing to do) and submitted it!

So now all I have to get through is those pesky finals things – but on the upside I finish on the 1st June! So can I justify going to Bournemouth 26th-29th May? I have had to miss it every other year due to exams, and its one of the highlights of the year…

hmmm… ponder

February 03, 2006

A week in the life

Writing about web page

Well finally kicked my social life back off this week with the always excellent Safari Supper in Leamington. It being the first time i allowed myself to drink since New Years I was suitably merry, suitably quickly!

Our wonderful social sec put in a massive amount of effort in the cooking and the organising, and it paid off in what will be remembered as one of the best nights of the year!

Meanwhile my project's beginining to look like a finished article, just got a few more models to polish off and I'll be ready to present (which is just as well seeing as my deadlines on the 15th!)

Off to Nottingham tomorrow, so am going to try to scrape some kind of costume together involving mainly silver foil and masking tape I reckon. We'll see how the squad performs when the pressure really counts!

December 19, 2005

Lifesaving League at Xmas

Writing about web page

With my priveleged inside information, this is how the University Lifesaving League should look come Christmas

Ok, how many Warwick teams would like to be in our position at the moment?

Every A league team scores in the top 9 places (10 for first down to 2 for 9th) with 1 point for every other team that competes.

Every B league team scores in the top 19 places (20 for first down to 2 for 19th) with 1 point for every other team that competes.

Cool huh?

December 16, 2005

Dear god help me

Ok, so I've cracked.

Despite this being kinda just used for me to put coursework stuff on, people have taken to pointing links to it, and now complaining that there's nothing on it, so here you go.

Hope you're satisfied girlies!

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