April 24, 2005


Writing about web page http://www.omrlp.com

Welcome to my first blog. There, that's all the pomp and circumstance you are getting to it. On with business.

I am bored with the elections. Thank f*** they are not that far away now. I missed Jeremy Paxman tearing them apart on telly this week because I was too busy. I found the build up to Celebrity Wrestling more interesting than the current build up to the election – did anyone else notice the referee is the only one on that show who really knows how to fight? Ian Freeman – British No 1 in the heavyweight division of the Ultimate Fighting Championship… the coaches are professional wrestlers, which is fake after all… but I digress…

People who know me or know of me will think my first statement rather strange. I can be quite an argumentative little sod when it comes to politics. I was quite involved in the Union Elections for WTV the last two years – I had to read up on then grill winning candidates on their manifestoes on results night.

But the truth is even though I know the differences between the parties, I can generally tell you who's telling half-lies and who full ones (let's face it the truth is out there, but never told), but here's the thing…

Even though I know which would probably be best for Britain the next 4–5 years, they don't appeal to me enough to vote for them.

Why? Because they will all FUCK UP. It's that simple. They don't know enough about anything to make our country work. No matter who gets in, people will still say in 4 years time "Taxes are worse than ever", "Public services are worse than ever", "The NHS sucks", "Pensioners are living off 25p a week". Granted, it would take longer than 4 years to work these things out, but they won't get anywhere.

So for a laugh I looked at some of the other less known parties. I sniggered at the two highly Christian parties (I am an aethiest with the utmost respect for religion until it tries to interfere with politics, I believe the two should be separate). I derided the Socialists for knocking each other out by having 3 different parties that would essentially have the same fundamental principals. And like all 6 billion or so others on this Earth, I laughed out loud at Robert Kilroy Silk and his "Veritas" party, whatever the hell that is. I didn't really read his policies, I just looked at the opening page, read his main statement, let out a slight chuckle and clicked BACK.

But one party gave me hope. The MONSTER RAVING LOONY PARTY!!!

Oh yes, they have well and truly lost it now! In the past they were ridiculous, but atleast they were sensibly rediculous. Now they have completely lost the plot. They will never get into power, but I suggest if you wish to abstain, but object to the fact that there is no abstaintion box on the ballot paper, that you consider them. They are harmless unlike groups like the BNP and they actually made me laugh, and not in the same way as at Kilroy.

Have a look for yourself. www.omrlp.com. I liked reducing the voting age to 5. If it's done on mental age, I've less than 12 months to wait!

That's all for now. Keep revising hard, someone has to make up for the fact I'm not…

Stuart :)

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  1. Hey there Stu! Yes, Monster Raving Loony Party sounds good to me… but to be honest I'll probably vote for a slightly more sensible party. Sorry, mainstream. Not sensible. None of them are sensible. They're all idiots anyway. But lesser of many evils, as they say…

    24 Apr 2005, 23:25

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