December 03, 2007

My year abroad

After I have spend 3 months at Warwick University it is time to reflect on what I have been doing and what I have learned.

Before departure: I were looking forward to the biggest challenge of my life so forth. Would I be able to study in a foreign language, would I find friends and would I succeed, were a few of the questions I asked myself before I left Denmark. I knew it was going to be tough and I imagined that the school would be in focus.

Arriving to Warwick: I came to Warwick a week before the term started because I wanted to join the Orientation Week. In this week there were a bit of everything, trips, sports, parties, social life, and preparing for school. It was during the Orientation I found my best friends here at Warwick and it is easy to find friends, since everyone is open and want to know new people.

Student life: It is almost impossible to be borrowed here at Warwick. You can join one or more of the nearly or more than 100 societies which cover a range of different offers. And believe me there is something for everyone. I joined Women's Football. Furthermore there are a great options of bars, cafe's, restaurants, nightclubs, cinemas and sports facilities.

During the Orientation I found out that this was a good opportunity to travel a bit around and explore Great Britain, instead of study hard as a did in Denmark. So during the three monhts I visited: Glasgow (Scotland), Cardiff (Wales), York, Dublin (Ireland), Birmingham, Manchester, Oxford and finally London.

Studies:Eventhough, I travelled a lot I still had to follow my modules. I had:

          • Mathematical Economics (Game Theory)
          • Principals of Finance
          • Forecasting
          • Quantitative Methods for Resource Management (mainly Inventory Management)

          In two of the modules I had assignments and in three of the modules I had class tests/exams. This meant that during the week I studied a lot, so I could travel in the weekends. 

          Reflection: My year abroad have been awesome and I have learned a lot, not according to school but more about myself and what I want to do before I graduate. Graduate on time is not essential. My English language are improved a lot and I have a higher confidence than before I went here.

          This experiance has ment everything to me and I can warmly recommend students to go abroad. Do not go abroad because of the school, but because you want to.

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