October 26, 2005


Hey ppl, sorry I havn't updated this thing for ages, I AM going to soon!!! I've got loads of pics from the last few days of 1st year, some of my holiday pics of France and Taiwan (random, I know..), maybe some from the Turkey trip I didnt go on :( , and then all the 2nd year recent stuff!! I think i'll wait till after the halloween ball (this sat) to upload pics, I've got a feeling they might be worth waiting for!

For those of you that don't know… im now living in Leamington with my friends from halls, we're all gettin on great which is good!! What makes things better is that basically every1 on the AV ground floor is living in 3 houses, all a 3min walk away from each other!

I had a great summer, seemed to go really quickly with trips to the far east and what not, ill have to do a Taiwan blog or something. I can speak fluent mandarin now though… honest :D

Watch this space for LOTS of pics!!

June 23, 2005

Alton Towers

Click HERE for the pics from Alton Towers!

June 21, 2005

Ed's Birthday!!

18th June 2005 – VERY sunny, VERY funny, and Ed became 19 years of age… (and a female body builder, erm, yeah.)

I have many a video of this night, including dance acts from dan, nardus, lucy, sarah… and, of course, ed. If you want to see them then ask me… I couldn't possibly post them on the internet… could I?!

Click here for the pics!!

Skool Dayz VI !!!

Skool Dayz 6 pics now online!! (I think its number 6 anyway?!) I'll upload Ed's bday pics and Alton Towers pics soon! Click here for the pics!!

May 14, 2005

Stew's Birthday

Friday 13th May 2005 – a memorable night!

Click HERE for the pics!!!

May 05, 2005

Skool Dayz 5

Despite having my camera stolen (as well as my laptop, ipod, mobile, wallet and other things.. grrr) i've still got some pics of the latest skool dayz thanks to emily's lovely lil' camera! So Click Here to get them! Oh – and if any1 knows who nicked all my stuff could they kindly tell me so I can break their legs :)

March 17, 2005

Skool Dayz: What I want to be when im older

After much waiting the latest skool dayz pics are now here!! Sorry I took ages to upload them, forgive me! Hope ur all havin a great Easter break. Only 4 weeks of holls left :s !

Click HERE for the pics!!!


March 01, 2005

Nardus' Bday!!

24th Feb was the date, Varsity was the place, and these are the pictures >>

Click HERE for the pics!

ps – skool dayz pics coming vvvv soon!!

February 06, 2005

Lucy's Birthday!!!

Ok, first off im soooOooo sorry I havnt been updating my blog – ive got a backlog of roughly a gazillion pictures that I need to upload, but I will do it, rest assured. More importantly… HAPPY BIRTHDAY LUCY!!!! Enjoy the pics!!

Click HERE

Oh, and im sorry… no captions this time. Its such hard work to think of an original and 'funny' one for each pic! Leave a comment of captions if you can think of any!

January 09, 2005

Skool Dayz III!!!!

Sorry I havenít updated my blog in about a decade, I just havenít had time with christmas and what not. Anyways Iíve finally uploaded all the skool dayz III pics, and I think there might be more on the way!! I have some videos of the night as well, but im not quite sure if I should upload them… so leave a comment if u want the vids!

Click HERE for the pics!

p.s. ill upload xmas pics from liverpool and other places when I can!

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