September 18, 2006

Egypt Holiday

I’ve uploaded a VERY small collection of the photos I took whilst on holiday in Egypt – although I don’t think 800 pictures over 2 weeks is excessive, is it?

We had an amazing time anyway; you’ll have to talk to me to get the full story as there’s far too much to write! Hopefully the pictures will give some idea of what we got up to!

July 10, 2006

Liverpool Graduation Ball

Click below to see the pretty pictures from the Liverpool Graduation Ball:

Alternatively, click here for a slideshow.

May 30, 2006

Why does this happen EVERY year argggh.

Guess which day my first exam is? Will it be the one with nice clouds and low levels of pollen? NoooOoo, it’s the one with 20deg sunshine, not a cloud in sight and high warning alarm bell levels of pollen. This happens to me every year and I'm fed up of it. Why does the weather hate me?

May 05, 2006

Thought for the day.

Have you ever heard the phrase "its always in the last place you look" ?

Well I'd just like to publicly announce that its a completely STUPID phrase. Why on earth would you continue to look for something when you've already found it? That's the only way it wouldn't be in the last place you look, and that’s just silly. Arghh.

Unlessssss, of course, the person who invented the phrase was trying to be ironic, but I don't that is the case because nobody uses the phrase in that way. So my stance still holds, the phrase is stupid stupid stupid and I will boycott it for the rest of my days.

April 27, 2006

The Three Birthdays. . .

Heylo, I figured it was about time I updated the pictures on this lil' blog of mine! I've uploaded pics from Lucy's 21st, Nardus' 20th and Paul's 20th, and I tried to upload pics from Riga but apparently I took too many pictures of snow and it crashed. (fixed now, see below)

Lucy's Birthday.

  • Click here for the gallary

Nardus' Birthday.

  • Click here for the gallary

Paul's Birthday.

  • Click here for the gallary


I managed to get the Riga pictures uploaded, so here they are…

  • Click here for the gallary

April 23, 2006

The Conspiracy we do not speak of.

After much deliberation I would like to bring to the attention of my readers the epidemic which has imprisoned billions of innocent lives in recent history. I have been studying the outbreak for a few years and have stood by watching friends, family and peers become unwittingly infected. I feel I must act quickly if I am to save the few remaining souls who have somehow managed to escape this entrapment.

The disease originated in Ethiopia prior to 1000 AD, when Members of the native Galla tribe noticed that they got an energy boost when they eat a certain berry, ground up and mixed with animal fat. The disease spread to Arab nations in 1000AD where it was given the name “qahwa" (that which prevents sleep). In 1453 it reached Constantinople (Istanbul) when the Ottoman Empire overthrew the Byzantines, where the disease took a nasty turn. Between 1453 and 1475 the disease mutated in Turkey and developed into a complex strain, capable of affecting the human psyche. The psychological effects were even felt by those in power, who issued laws making it legal for a woman in Turkey to divorce her husband if he attempted to prevent her from intoxicating herself with the disease. The situation intensified until 1511 when Khair Beg, the governor of Mecca who was free from the disease, attempted to ban imports of the disease in solution form (which had developed into an addiction) for fear that its influence might foster opposition to his rule. The sultan, who was taken by the disease, sent word that the addiction is sacred and had the governor executed. This was the last point in history where the disease could have been prevented from progressing, since then it has spiraled out of control and spread throughout the entire world. Those of us who remain uninfected today are considered by the modern world as abnormal.

It is believed that the disease in incapable of affecting the human genome and so humans are born free of the disease. The risk of infection seems to be greatest in teenage years, although there are exceptions. Modern-day strains of the disease induce effects in hosts which spontaneously generalise, resulting in an altered belief system. It is this altered belief system (which children subsequently learn from parents) that increases susceptibility to the disease, which is manifested typically in early teen years. It is my belief that if we can prevent the passing on of corrupt belief systems to children then there still may be a chance to save the human race.

Although its origins were accidental in nature, governments realised the controlling effects the disease had and decided to take advantage. A joint-governmental smoke screen was created which facilitated the proactive self-infection of billions of people around the world. The result was an addictive disease called Confusiofervensitis (literally meaning confusion of hot thirst), which was incorporated into two drinks which everyone now recognises as coffee and tea. The disease’s active catalyst is only functional at high temperatures, which is where the false belief system kicks in to convince consumers that the drink “tastes nicer” when served hot. Individuals who are not easily influenced by the diseased, and therefore have an uncorrupted belief system, can recognise the foul taste coffee/tea has and are effectively immune.

If you drink coffee or tea then it is probably too late to save you. Your altered belief system will tell you that everything I have said so far cannot possibly be true, because coffee tastes nice doesn’t it?

For those who cannot stand the taste or smell of the drinks we do not speak of, here is my plea. My friends, for the foreseeable future we will be the minority and must stay strong. We must prevent the next generation from inheriting the corrupted beliefs which have damaged our world. Use everything in your power to convince those around you of the true nature of the drinks we do not speak of. Destroy all traces of the disease you come across and never succumb to the social pressures imposed by the diseased. Together we can stop the corruption before it is too late.

February 04, 2006

Dan's Birthday, Emily's Birthday, and Jesus' Birthday.

3 exams, 3 courseworks, 2 tests and an IBM interview later, I finally have some spare time to upload pictures! I think there's some nights out missing, but I'll try to steal Nigel's pictures to fill the gaps!

Dan's 20th Birthday:

dan20 2
Click here for the gallery, or the image for a slideshow

Emily's 21st Party:

em21 12
Click here for the gallery, or the image for a slideshow

Jesus' Birthday (aka Christmas):

xmas 11
Click here for the gallery, or the image for a slideshow

November 25, 2005

Sugar 22/11

Yet again, pictures uploaded in record time, im on a roll!! So WHY is no1 leaving me any comments?! I know you look at my blog, ur doing it right now, reading every word, and then you're gonna look at all the pictures, and you still have the cheek to not leave me a comment!? Well. Thats gratitude for you. I'll cry if no1 leaves me a comment this time.

Annnyywayyy, here are the pictures from the last Sugar (my first, I might add..) courtesy of mr nigel.

Gogogo —-> Gallery orrrrr Slideshow

Looking forward to all those comments!! :D

November 18, 2005

Mirage 17/11

Heh, look at me uploading pictures so quick! …might be somethin to do with the fact that I missed lectures today, so I might have a little time on my hands… but personally I don't think its anything to do with that.

Clicky clicky —-> Gallery or Slideshow


November 12, 2005

The looooong awaited pictures…

Okay, so maybe this doesn't quite class as 'soon', but the pictures are here none the less! I havn't uploaded the pics from the end of term 3, or my holidays, but I will if ppl nag me! Leave comments, it makes me happy!!

The first Top B -->

Click Here for the Gallery , or Here for the Slide Show

The first Skool Dayz -->

Click Here for the Gallery , or Here for the Slide Show

The Fresher's Ball-->

Click Here for the Gallery , or Here for the Slide Show

The Rooster Weekend (Liverpool) -->

Click Here for the Gallery , or Here for the Slide Show

Mirage (20/10) -->

Click Here for the Gallery , or Here for the Slide Show

The Halloween Ball -->

Click Here for the Gallery , or Here for the Slide Show

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