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January 22, 2008

Nokia N810 alternatives

Follow-up to Nokia 810 – more thoughts from Steve's blog

There’s already been a discussion over in the comments on a previous entry about the iPod Touch as a possible alternative. The screen is lower resolution, but possibly better quality. The iPod’s Safari browser is almost as good as the Nokia’s Opera browser. The iPod multi-touch interface is nicer to use. If you want a media player with a browser as a secondary function the Touch could well be what you are after.

I noticed a few other products announced at CES this year. There seems to be a new category of “Mobile Internet Devices” (MIDs). Aigo and Gigabyte showed devices that look a lot like the Nokia. They both have a slightly bigger screen (4.8” compared to the Nokia’s 4.1”, which is higher resolution too (1024×600). They both have a slide-out keyboard which seems to have bigger keys, but with the same problem of lack of space above the top row. They are both Linux based, but each runs a different version. These devices are expected to be released in the second half of 2008, so don’t go looking for them just yet. It will be interesting to see how they compare to the Nokia, which has had this market pretty much to itself so far, and how Nokia reacts. Lets hope competition results in functionality going up and costs coming down:-)

There are alternatives in different sizes too. If you want an ultra-portable laptop, lots of people are raving about the Asus Eee PC. There will be competitors to this coming along soon, too. Not pocketable, but very, very portable. I’m almost tempted to buy one for home.

And the whole UMPC product range, as stupidly priced as it is, has some fans. They at least run familiar software, so make a good platform when compatibility is important with applications back in the office.

For me, pocketable is important, so I’ll be sticking to the newly named MID products. I quite like the looks of the Gigabyte device, so it will be interesting to see how it compares to the Nokia, when it is eventually released.

September 18, 2006

Apple's HE pricing

Writing about web page

I was browsing through Apple’s UK online store and found the above link, to education specific pricing available to staff & students for personal purchases. Interesting, I though. So I looked at the education pricing to the 80GB iPod. £259.01. Not being able to remember the standard pricing, I went to the non-education version of of the same page. £259.00.

Not so interesting after all…

October 04, 2005

Technology can be sooooo frustrating…

I've had an iPod shuffle for quite a while now and it has worked flawlessly. Until last week. I installed the latest and greatest iTunes, version, and that's when it started going wrong. Whenever I plugged in the shuffle, itunes would go through the usual "updating iPod, do not disconnect stuff", and once it had finished it would hang. Completely. Couldn't even kill it. Had to reboot to get rid of it. (This is on a PC - of course, such a thing would never happen on a Mac:-)

I didn't have an old iTunes installer lying around, and you can't get old versions from the apple web site, so I was stuck until I could get my original iPod CD from home to try putting on the original 4.x version if iTunes. Of course, that CD doesn't read anymore – something bad has happened to it in storage. What next?

It turns out my PC at home has the same latest and greatest version of iTunes and the shuffle works fine with it (except all my ratings are on my PC here so this arrangement gets my a random selection of rubbish rather than a random selection of resonable music). So it can't just be the version of iTunes.

So today, I've tried various combinations of re-installing iTunes, updating the shuffle software, factory resetting the shuffle, all with no success. Eventually I formatted the shuffle from Windows, thereby wiping it completely, and then using the iPod updater to re-install everything. For good measure I also deleted and re-installed iTunes again. Success! All now works.

The only thing I did differently this last time was the Windows format of the drive to completely clean it out. But the shuffle worked OK at home so the problem can't have been there, can it? Sometimes I hate computers.

Still, at least I now have some decent random music to listen to instead of 8 hours of rubbish, so I should calm down soon:-)

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