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November 24, 2009

Gmail is speeding away from me…

Follow-up to Still catching up with gmail… from Steve's blog

It has been a while since I looked at my gmail stats. Two years ago I was using over 70% of the space allowed in a gmail account (then a little under 3GB), and although the storage allowance was increasing my usage of it was increasing more quickly. I was catching up.

Two years on, I’m down to 44% usage. I’ve got over a GB more stuff in there (3.2GB in total now) but the allowance has gone up to over 7GB. Gmail is pulling away again…

I guess storage is cheap, and Google now have a better idea of how its users use the storage allocation so they can afford to offer much more storage to people knowing that most won’t take advantage of it.

October 12, 2007

Still catching up with gmail…

Follow-up to I'm catching up with Gmail… from Steve's blog

Almost 18 months ago my gmail account was at 1GB and 37% of the then allowed 2.6GB. Today I’m at just over 2GB (2107MB, to be precise) and 72% of the allowed 2.9GB. At this rate, I’d run out sometime in the next 12 months and have to contemplate paying for more.

So I was quite relieved to discover that Google are speeding up their counter so I won’t catch up quite so quickly. I wonder if they’ll speed it up enough that they’ll start pulling away from me? I hope so, or I might have to start deleting stuff. Surely not…

May 16, 2006

I'm catching up with Gmail…

My gmail account has just clicked over the 1GB mark, and I'm at 37% of the 2624MB currently allowed. I used to be down at 20–odd%, so my account is growing faster than google's disk farm:–) 1GB sounded quite a lot when gmail first started.

And this is without cheating and using it for general file storage. It is all genuine email. I've just used it as Google suggest, never deleting anything (except spam).

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