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February 16, 2011

RSS feeds from Twitter

Follow-up to Evernote as a Twitter archive from Steve's blog

I was just about to write a blog about feeding Twitter into Evernote via the Twitter RSS feeds and an RSS-to-email service when I discovered I had written about it years ago. What I missed out of the blog, though, was the URLs for the RSS feeds. So here they are.

The URL of the feed for your own tweets is listed on your profile page, but not, apparently, in new twitter. If you’ve switched to the new twitter design, switch back and look at the bottom of the right-hand column. It will look like this: “”.

The feed of your favorites looks like this: “”. As far as I know, this doesn’t appear on a twitter page anywhere. You just have to know.

I also feed my mentions into Evernote. There’s no simple RSS feed for this. I use a twitter search, like this: “”. That “%40” is an ”@”.

Set these up as three separate separate feeds in Feed My Inbox, all sending to your evernote email address – you can get that from your account summary page on

September 10, 2009

Evernote as a Twitter archive

These days I keep all of my notes in Evernote. In fact, not just notes, but anything I think I might want to refer to later. Web pages, product brochures and manuals, scanned articles from magazines. Pretty much anything. All are suitably tagged to help find them, and all are available on all my laptops, via the web, and on my iPhone. Evernote is brilliant.

Something I set up a little while ago now is a feed from Twitter into Evernote. Twitter provides RSS feeds for various of your twitter pages. I take the feeds for my updates, my mentions and my favourites and feed them into Evernote. Evernote doesn’t (yet) have a facility to import RSS feeds directly, but it does give you an email address that turns emails into notes. I use to turn the Twitter RSS feeds into emails to my Evernote email address. This gives me an archive of everything tweet I’ve ever sent, every tweet mentioning me, and every tweet I’ve favourited. It would be nice if Evernote supported this directly, but until then this does work quite well. The emails from produce somewhat messy notes, but at least the content is there.

I’ve had this set up for a few months now and not really used it until this afternoon. I remembered something I’d said to somebody on Twitter but couldn’t remember who. A quick search via my iPhone and I found the tweet from back in July and so found who I’d sent it to.

I’m not sure how often I’ll find this useful, but Twitter doesn’t make it very easy to search through your old tweets directly so I’m happy knowing I have a way of doing it.

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