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August 04, 2009

Another unexpected use for Dropbox

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I’ve been using a free Dropbox account for a while now, as a backup mechanism for some of my important stuff from both work and home. With only 2GB of storage I couldn’t hold everything in there but it was still very useful. A little while ago I finally decided it made sense to upgrade to a 50GB account and use it to backup my digital photo collection and some other stuff. I don’t take a huge number of photos so 50GB was more than enough. I’ve also ended up putting my iTunes library in there.

And that’s where this new use comes in. As well as copying and synchronising files between my various PCs, it makes them all available via a web interface so you can get to them from anywhere. There’s also a nice iPhone optimised version of its website. So, now I’ve got access to my entire iTunes library via Dropbox, even those tracks I don’t sync to the phone itself. Obviously I need a working data connection, and it only plays a track at a time, but still it turns out to be very useful.

Dropbox already provide a nice interface for viewing photos via the iPhone web site. I wonder if they could provide a nicer interface to music, too?

If you fancy trying dropbox, even with just a free account, drop me an email and I’ll send you an invite. You can sign up directly but doing it through an invite gets both of us some extra space for free…

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