January 02, 2007

Starting the year off right…

By blogging…:-)

No, no, that’s not what I meant! What I meant was, it was very tempting this morning, with panniers loaded with laptop and assorted other “start of the week” stuff, to take the quick route to work this morning. But I didn’t. I didn’t take a particularly long route – just 7 miles – but I was rewarded by this sunrise:


The photo doesn’t really do it justice, especially as the only camera I had with me was my phone. It was good enough to make me stop and try to capture it, anyway! And I do feel better for taking the long route in. After over a week of no exercise at all I was beginning to feel a bit lethargic. A good half-hour cycle in the chilly morning air certainly blew away a few cobwebs.

I’ve got another week of potentially early starts before the kids go back to school and I have to get back into the routine of getting them up, fed and ready to go. Lets see if I can make the most of them and get 2007 off to a high mileage start.

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  1. Phone or not.. still a great picture!

    02 Jan 2007, 11:52

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