October 13, 2004


Writing about web page http://blogs.warwick.ac.uk/andrewdavey/entry/evil_clown_img/

Looks like formatting in blog entry titles will shortly be following raw HTML in blog comments…

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  1. Can't see any sensible reason to want to format a title… I've created a jira for it.

    13 Oct 2004, 18:22

  2. John Dale

    I quite liked being able to have blog entriy titles such as:-

    Analyse this

    But regretfully, I guess we'll have to strip it all out now, and then consider allowing a limited sub-set of Textile back in later.

    13 Oct 2004, 19:10

  3. Steve Rumsby

    While I've never used it, I can imagine situations where I would use some limited formatting. Maybe it is just raw HTML and image references that need to be banned from titles. The rest is harmless, isn't it? Or am I forgetting something. Or, possibly, just not devious enough…

    How many variations on the textile theme does it make sense to create, though?

    13 Oct 2004, 23:06

  4. Steve Rumsby

    Funnily enough, I have now had reason, just this morning, to post a blog entry with some formatting in the title, specifically an entry about a program called ERP2.

    14 Oct 2004, 12:31

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